Resume for Michael Turner


Michael Turner

1-25-33 Takadanobaba
Tokyo 169-0075
Tel: 03-3209-8062
Fax: 03-3209-8068
Cel: 090-9013-4803


Consulting work or full-time employment that makes use of my technical skills and my language skills, while offering opportunities for professional growth in both areas.




Professional Experience

Translator - 2002 to the present

Translation of patents for digital electronics, system security for mobile devices, printer image correction, local positioning systems, medical diagnostic equipment, industrial process control, valve design.

Recent Projects

DBA/Programmer (consulting), KK Bravo, Oct 99 - Mar 01

Project: generating Japanese invoices in MS Access from unlocalized mail-order management system

Current project status: in production use, no critical bugs

Proofreader/editor/translator, Ichii Informatique, Feb - May 00

Project: translation and checking of microprocessor manual (J-E)

Current Project Status: completed

Application architect, (undisclosed client), Oct 99

Project: real-time bet placement system front-end (targeted for VC++)

Current Project Status: unknown

Previous Experience

TCSI Japan, Tokyo - Senior Software Engineer - 7/98-4/99

Provided support in the field for TCSI's SolutionCore family of C++ frameworks for development of telecom network management systems. Responsibilities included analyzing customer problem reports, debugging, and providing patches.

Estee Lauder KK, Tokyo - Consulting Software Engineer - 6/98

Wrote a table-driven Perl script for parsing cash-register counter data. Helped write a Visual Basic program for mail transfer of resulting output.

Idiom Consulting, Berkeley - Consulting Software Engineer - 12/97-2/98

Updating virtual web hosting (Apache). C coding for secure IP tunnel. Drafted a software patent application.

Unicomp - San Jose - Substitute Instructor - 2/98

Taught HOTT's 3-day course C++ for C Programmers and a 1-day course on the C++ Standard Library at CATC.

Sifry Consulting, Santa Cruz - web page editor - 11/97

Formatting of Japanese translations of articles for an athletic trainers association into HTML, using the m4 macro preprocessor.

PATH, U.C. Berkeley - Software Engineer - 7/96-10/96

Specified, located and installed a problem reporting system (GNATS) and its associated GUI (tkgnats). Defined a regression-testing framework for the SHIFT simulation language and run-time system. Wrote a simulation output postprocessor, and found and corrected bugs in the SHIFT language parser and run-time system.

Now What Software, San Francisco - Software Engineer - 9/95

Helped specify interface between Etak's MapDraw map display package and Now What's CDROM photo atlas.

Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, Palo Alto - Consultant, Patents - 6/94-9/94

Analysis of disk drive schematics, data sheets, Intel 80196 firmware and patents to determine possible infringements.

LURNIX, Berkeley - Consultant, Technical Editing - 5/94-8/94

Review, editing and QA of a C++ tutorial. Responsible for finding and correcting errors of fact and omission in an introductory C++ course, and rewriting sections to improve clarity.

Taligent, Cupertino - Contractor (Source Management, Benchmarks) - 3/94

Fixed bugs in source code management utilities written in C++. Fixed bugs and supplied in-line documentation in benchmarking scripts.

TRW Financial Systems, Oakland - Contractor, Build Tools - 1/94

Assessed feasibility for deployment of imake for company-wide use. Hands-on training of Solaris and Windows NT developers in the use of imake and imake-generated makefiles.

TCSI, Berkeley - Consultant, Porting - 10/92-2/93

Helped port medium-sized (250K+ lines) C++ network management system toolkit from SunOS to various SVR4 platforms (Tandem, Motorola MCD, NEC EWS.) Advised on portability issues, wrote compatibility routines, found and corrected several bugs in both the original and ported versions. Helped debug and enhance imake files used to support concurrent multi-platform development and testing. Ported test code and executed tests for several large modules.

LLNL, Livermore - 7/90-11/91 - Contractor, Software Engineering

Programmer/Analyst and Technical Lead in support of the MODELS (Modernization of Defense Logistics Systems) Initiative of the DoD.

As Programmer/Analyst, evaluated several EDI translators for UNIX, and ported a MODELS-specific EDI translator written in C from the PC to SunOS.

As technical lead, assembled a small team of software engineers to design and implement a new EDI translator for MODELS. Used object-oriented analysis and design techniques to produce an initial design for a U.S. government standard EDI translator (which served as the basis for GATEC). Supervised the selection of language (C++) and window system (InterViews, X11R5) for the prototype implementation. Designed and implemented a simple scheme for object persistence, and did the initial coding on the translation interpreter.

Tymnet, San Jose - Contractor, Diagnostics - 8/89-1/90

Modified 68000 assembly code in network controller ROMs to support interactive diagnosis. Implemented standalone diagnostic nucleus used to download diagnostics, execute them, and report results to a remote diagnostic monitor. Redesigned and helped debug command protocol between the diagnostic nucleus and the remote monitor. All code written in C and 68000 assembler for Tymnet's proprietary Turbo Engine VME-based multiprocessor packet switch.

Etak Consultant, Embedded Systems 3/89-8/89

Wrote memory manager, transaction parser, transaction database manager, and power-fail restart for an in-vehicle package-delivery tracking system. Helped in design and coding of the screen manager, transaction record processor, position-logging subsystem and radio data communications protocol. Prototyping done in Quick C, systems integration in Microsoft C, under MS-DOS, targeted for Etak-proprietary vehicle navigation equipment.

Berkeley Microsystems, Oakland - Consultant, Disk Utilities - 1/88-1/89

Provided enhancements to a hard-disk formatting program, including code for hard-disk autoboot sector, extensions to the SCSI driver to handle SASI controllers, translation of driver code from 68000 assembler to C, and redesign of the graphic user interface. Supervised the editing, translation to German, and production of an instruction booklet for a disk-drive upgrade kit. All code written in C and 68000 assembler.

Integrated Automation, Alameda - Software Engineer (OCR, Diagnostics) - 1986-87

Provided a 6-fold speed-up to an OCR module used for reading handprinted zipcodes. Designed and implemented production diagnostics for a VME board used for X.25 networking. Designed and implemented low-level image-processing and image recognition module for forms registration and scanner calibration. Performed research and preliminary design and prototype for an enhanced version of the handprint OCR module. Coding done in C on Ultrix and on the Macintosh.

SHIVA Multisystems , Menlo Park - 1984-85 - Software Engineer,

Designed and implemented a wave-form database for circuit simulation output. Wrote a toolset for generating, formatting, and downloading floating-point approximation tables into PROM for a Weitek-based floating point unit. Worked on microcode for floating-point operations. Wrote a microcode downloader and a micro-assembler, designed procedure-call formats for invoking microcoded routines from UNIX, and macro postprocessors for the code-generator of a microcode-targeted C compiler. Wrote the overall diagnostic framework for a multiprocessor circuit simulation accelerator. All work done in C under SunOS and Sequent DYNIX.

Electronics Research Laboratory , U.C. Berkeley - Research Assistant - 1980-81, 83-84

1980-81: Implemented a package for analysis of IC layout geometry. Designed and developed an interactive layout-rule checker. Worked with research supervisor and students on specification of a symbolic layout language (SLL). Coding done in C under 4.2/4.1c BSD UNIX.

1983-84: Implemented an algorithm for two-layer via-minimizing switchbox routing. Designed and implemented a database for an automatic gate-array layout system, and interfaced the layout system to an IC layout editor. All coding done in C under 4.2BSD.

Dual Systems Corp., Berkeley - Systems Programmer - 1981-82

Wrote production diagnostics for CPU board, RAM board and hard-disk boards of a 68000-based UNIX system. Designed and implemented a UNIX disk-driver. Helped debug Unisoft's early ports of the kernel, did some system installations, provided customer support, and helped marketing with product definition. Coding done in C and 68000 assembler.


"Automatic Layout of Gate Arrays," J.T. Li, C.K. Cheng, M. Turner, E.S. Kuh, M. Marek-Sadowska, Proceedings of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference , May, 1984.


U.C. Berkeley, all technical prerequisites for BSCS degree.
Academy of Language Arts, Tokyo, intermediate level skills in Japanese


Marital Status: married
Visa Status: spouse visa (Japan) Citizenship: U.S.
Age: 44
Years in Japan: 5