Michael Turner's Itinerary

Where in the world is Michael Turner?

Where has he been?

What bizarre agenda motivates him, anyway?

Most important of all: is there any danger that he might show up somewhere near you?

Here's where you can get answers to all these burning questions. (Assuming he keeps the page up to date.)

(Note: the book referred to below is a the history of projectile space launch , in science, science fiction, and space access development. Research for this book has been a major motivation for my recent travels.)


Where Until Why
Tokyo About July 20 Yet more visits with friends, clients, yet more business problems to solve
Russia About July 27 Visit to Pavel Kryukov, research for book
Heidelberg? Aug 11 Combustion conference, see Andrew Higgins, et al.
Britany/Paris? Sep 1??? Chilling out, writing
Montreal Oct 1??? More book research, at McGill University and other relevant places in Quebec.
Seattle Oct TBD? Continue research for book at the University of Washington Ram Accelerator Lab .

Recent Movements

Where Until Why
Seattle May 3rd I decided I wasn't spending enough time in certain places, and with certain people, related to a book I'm writing. The University of Washington, and specifically, its Ram Accelerator Lab . drew me first, because I think this technology has a lot more Earth-to-orbit potential than other proposed projectile launch concepts.

I got to Seattle in early February, and except for a trip back to the SF Bay Area to deliver a car, stayed there until I decided to to go to the International Space Development Conference 2006 , in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles May 8th Attended all but the last day of the International Space Development Conference 2006 , while staying in the Los Angeles Arts District. One of the treats of the conference was finally meeting John Carter McKnight , a guy who knows way more about me just from e-mail than anyone should ever know. Very briefly met Bob Twiggs, of KatySat, which led to discussions with him and Benjamin Yuan later in San Francisco. I also met Frank Pietronigro, a very interesting artist who teaches at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, my next destination.
San Francisco / Berkeley June 1st Was passing through the SF Bay Area on my way back to Seattle after ISDC 06 , and got kinda stuck there -- hanging out with friends, meeting Bay Area ISDC attendees up here, etc. Met with Ben Yuan and Bob Twiggs to talk about the KatySat program. Met with Frank Pietronigro of the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium on Monday, May 29th, in the morning.
Tokyo June 5th To address some overdue business issues with Tama Ryokan , to see old friends, clients, and for the opportunity to attend the ISTS 25/ISSFD 19 and IJET 17 conferences.
Kanazawa June 9th For ISTS 25/ISSFD 19 .
Tokyo June 16 Further pursue Tama Ryokan -related business development, to see friends, family, clients, etc.
Kobe June 18 IJET 17 International Japanese-English Translator's conference