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Java Blender Guide

What is Java Blender?

Java Blender is an iAppli compression tool. Using single-character identifiers and using as few classes as possible, code size can be considerably reduced, which is important given limits on iAppli size. The management [of this kind of optimization] can be automated by using Java Blender. Java Blender makes it easier to write "normal Java" in iAppli even for programs that couldn't load without this sort of compression.

How to use Java Blender

First, get your iAppli perfect. I.e., prepare a proper JAR and JAM file. Then, using Java Blender, put the JAM file in a designated place. [???] After that, push the "compress" ("k") button, and with the image going "bakabaka" [like I do all the time - transl.] the program will get compressed. At this point, the original JAR and JAM files will be overwritten -- so be careful now.

Concerning differences in compressability

With compressibility set to "Strong" (""), you can make iAppli quite small. However, this setting can also increase the memory requirement.

How to get Java Blender

The installer is freely distributed.

License terms

Copyright cocoa. All rights reserved. Also, most of Java Blender inherits the restrictions of the ocaml license written by ocaml.

For those interested in the compression algorithm

Look here for the home page for my literature on the subject. I'll be releasing the source code soon.


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