About JEvaHZ - J-E translations of the JavaHz mailing list

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In the Beginning

JEvaHz is devoted to J-E translation of the JavaHz mailing list, a Japanese-language networking resource for Java mobile phone programmers. It's J-E JavaHz....JEvaHz. (No, I don't know how you pronounce that.)

I started translating JavaHz messages for several related reasons:

In short order, I learned that this exercise had a few other benefits:

Both the short-term and long-term benefits seemed compelling to me.

Since maintaining public web pages of my translations seemed like a small amount of effort compared to the translations themselves, I proposed to start publishing what I found for the benefit of other English speakers. This proposal met with support on the KEITAI-L list, where I first announced it, and I saw no objection from JavaHz subscribers. The first publication was in May/June 2001.

Where JEvaHz is Going

JEvaHz will probably never be a fancy site. If people want to contribute improvements, they are welcome. I would prefer, however, to simply provide material, and a rough overall structure, for the time being.

I delete contributor e-mail addresses from the postings I translate. Given that the JavaHz contributors are contributing information to the English-speaking world through these pages, the least I can do is prevent the contributors from getting spam from the English-speaking world. Note that JavaHz itself is (mostly) an e-mail-only service.

In general, I try to translate almost every word, except where there are whole expressions whose literal translation just doesn't work in English. This should help people using JEvaHz for reading practice. Be aware, however, that these translations are strictly a volunteer effort, and I'm not trying for professional-level quality. So don't trust me -- when in doubt, ask someone who knows better. Often enough, when I don't understand exactly what I'm translating, the result will look "mechanical." That's because, in that case, it is mechanical. Don't be shy --if you see something wrong, please point it out.

Michael Turner