Her Grace, Melanie Morgaise Jacqueline Diana, Duchesse of Anguirle, Marchioness of Mirror Point, Knight-Ensign of the Queen's Own Ash Lances

A dark-complected young woman in a black gown sits on a fur-covered divan, reclining at ease with a cheerful fanged smile. She looks no older than her majority, though she seems comfortable in a gown cut in a style fashionable in the day of Queen Morwen: high-collared and full-skirted, patterned and layered black on black except for the orange-gold chevrons decorating the flatteringly-fitted bodice. Her black hair is short and sleek as fur, with a single copper-braided lock dangling before one pointed ear, and her eyes are huge and orange-gold as a sangrel's. A fanged saurian skull longer than her own height hangs on the tapestried wall above her head.

Pts   Attribute
35   Strength: Family + 35
-10   Warfare: Rimlander
15   Psyche: Family + 15
-10   Sorcery: Rimlander
45   Endurance: Family + 45
15   Limited Shapeshift
10   Good Stuff
20   Reserve Against Future Need
-10   Player Contribution (writing)
-10   Player Contribution (drinks)


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