School Colors Out Of Space: Adventure Seeds

If, for some bizarre reason, your players aren't getting their characters into enough trouble on their own, here are some ideas for things you might do to them.

Easy Come, Easy Mi-Go

There's a new transfer student from Yuggoth in school, and they must have deported her to keep her from melting the entire planet. She's real popular with the football team. Real, real popular. Every time she goes out with a football player, thought, the next morning he looks awful: all waxy-faced and shambling, and his voice is kind of strange. Now, football players are expected to party, but there's a big game this weekend, and the prestige of the entire school is riding on it...

Opposition: The football team. The Mi-Go herself.

Possible Complications:

The Great Brain Robbery

People have been acting kind of strange around school lately. Quiet. Well-mannered. Inoffensive. Why, just yesterday someone tripped over Razorback Chang's skateboard and he said "Eh, don't fuckin' worry about it, fuckhead"! On Monday, it was just a couple of people, but today the entire 3rd period Quantum Thaumaturgy class sat up straight, paid attention, and didn't talk back. This must be stopped!

Opposition: A school full of brainless zombies. The faculty, who kind of like students who don't cause trouble. The secret masters.

Possible Complications:

Hit The Beach

It's a perfect day to go to the beach, and our heroes can't let themselves by stopped by a minor thing like the fact that the entire social structure of the United States wants them to be in school. All they have to do is sneak out of class, sneak out of the school, sneak home to get their beach gear, and sneak to the beach. Shouldn't be hard.

Opposition: Teachers. Hall monitors. Other students trying to escape without raising the alarm. Parents. Younger siblings home sick from school. Truant officers.

Possible Complications:

The World Below

For whatever reason, our heroes have failed to study (or maybe even to show up for!) Mr Gilenwauser's history test, and have bombed. Completely. They are Doomed. If they only get grounded for life, they'll be doing well.

There is one solution, however. Sparks Malloy also bombed the test ("Describe Napolean's importance to European history: Napolean invented the field-effect transistor in 1798..."), and he has a Plan. If he can get to the wiring closet, he can intercept the failing grades as they are transmitted to the school mainframe and substitute perfect grades.

There is one catch, however. The wiring closet is in the basement.

Opposition: Native denizens of the basement. Vice-principal Marks and his antistudent measures. Other students with secret business in the basement and what they've summoned. Other students wanting to change their history grades.

Possible Complications:

The Heart Of Rock-n-Roll Is Still Pulsating

The flute-playing of the servitors of the Outer Gods is not doing so well at soothing Azathoth, the blind idiotic nuclear fury that seethes and roils at the center of the universe. When Azathoth is not soothed, Bad Things happen. ("Surely you have at least a sentimental attachment to your star?") The Outer Gods have sent teams of flautists throughout the universe to compete against other musicians in a great contest to find someone who can keep Azathoth from becoming cross.

One such team has come to HPL High, and the administration has mandated that all students capable of producing organized noise must participate in the contests. This means you.

Opposition: Flautists of the Outer Gods. Rival student bands. Arkham Citizens Against Noise Pollution. Outer Gods playing politics. Azathoth. Vice-principal Marks and his mandatory participation policy.

Possible Complications:

The Immaculate Master Foretold By The Ancients

A cult of robed weirdos has decided one of our heroes is the Immaculate Master prophesied by the founder of their sect in days long past, and their lives' work is to serve and protect the Immaculate Master, and make sure the rest of the prophecies are fulfilled in accordance with the Sacred Writ. Now the Immaculate Master has jillions of devout, robed flunkies following him around everywhere he goes. It's nice to have all those bodyguards, and someone who regards doing household chores as a religious experience, but they never go away, which can put quite a cramp in one's style. ("You want to go on a date?! But it says in IIIrd Al-Hazrad, chapter 59, verse 4, that the Immaculate Master shall be innocent of heart and body as well as mind!"). And they keep muttering about The End Of Days...

Opposition: A jillion cultists with very firm ideas on proper behavior. Rival cultists. Fate.

Possible Complications:

The Big Game

Contributed by Chrisber.

The big homecomeing game is against the Fungi from Yuggoth! But are they planning to cheat? What are those Mi-Go doing sneaking around the football field at night? Can their nefarious plans be stopped? But wait! Our team has been promised a field trip to Yuggoth if they win (although they are probably going to be disappointed by the 'strip mines'), and travelling to Yuggoth usually involves radical surgery. Should our team win? Which is worse for school spirit, losing or being canned?

Opposition: Mi-go saboteurs, pep squad, bookies

Possible Complications:

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