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2018-11-24:  "Re: Useful and important" by Trip
2018-11-24:  "Useful and important" by marithlizard
2018-11-03:  "Re: what's wrong with liking routine?" by Trip
2018-11-03:  "what's wrong with liking routine?" by marithlizard
2018-10-25:  "Re: Road to El Dorado" by Trip

25 May 2018 - Friday

I went to the doctor this afternoon, and she cut open my head and pulled gross things out. Then I went home and did laundry.

Words: 258.

Meep! by marithlizard (Tue May 29 06:51:35 2018)

I hope it went okay and she did not steal any of your brains!

Meep! by Trip (Wed May 30 10:05:15 2018)

How would you tell?

deductive reasoning by marithlizard (Wed May 30 11:30:05 2018)

Well, I guess if you were suddenly confused at anime night because you forgot all the plot reveals of one of the shows, then we'd know what was being stored in the bump.

(On the plus side, you'd be able to enjoy it for the first time all over again!)

Re: deductive reasoning by Trip (Thu May 31 11:30:53 2018)

I don't know, I've always been pretty bad at keeping track of the details. I am a poor audiencer.

Re: deductive reasoning by marithlizard (Thu May 31 12:37:54 2018)

That has not been my experience in discussions!

(Also, it is probably good for the universe that not everyone lives on the planet of Hyperfocused Deconstructive Squeeing Fans with me. Some kind of 'conservation of chill' physics principle.)

Re: deductive reasoning by Trip (Thu May 31 15:45:38 2018)

But the squee is so important!

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