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2018-06-18:  "Freecycling" by Jeremy

18 September 2017 - Monday

Bah, Monday.

For lack of anything better to do while eating dinner (not enough tentacles!) I watched the first episode of Penny Dreadful on Netflix. It was pretty much as advertised, with extra boinking.

Speaking of all the Wizard moves that say "roll+WIS", I understand why Dungeon World uses the D&D stats: the six stats are almost as iconic as the four basic classes, or maybe more so given how many games use them with little variation. But, I really think that PbtA games like Masks and Monsterhearts did the right thing in following Apocalypse World's lead of making the stats all personality-based. Is there some compromise? It seems like swapping Strength out for Aggression would require almost no changes at all, ditto Constitution for... Determination? Mettle? Resolution? Tenacity? I think I like Tenacity best, but the others would work too. Intelligence and Charisma are probably fine as-is. Dexterity and Wisdom are both trickier, but can be recombined into two different stats. Focus has the active parts of Dexterity – picking locks, volley – but also mental focus, so all those "roll+WIS" moves in the Wizard would turn into "roll+FOC". Awareness is discern realities as well as the reactive parts of Dexterity (IE, defy danger).

So, Aggression, Focus, Tenacity, Intelligence, Awareness, Charisma? Too much of a change from D&D? Not enough of a change?

(I also thought about using elemental names for personality stats (Metal, Water, Earth, Air, Wood, Fire) but that's too obscure and pretentious.)

Personality stats by marithlizard (Mon Sep 25 22:29:39 2017)

But, how cool would it be to be able to say, "So...the druid is metal as fuck, the paladin's kind of wooden, and the cleric is a bit too airy about choice of spells for the primary healer. Why should I hire your party again?"

"Because when the combat starts, trust me, we're ALL on Fire."

Re: personality stats by marithlizard (Mon Sep 25 22:30:56 2017)

Also, you say 'obscure and pretentious' like it's a bad thing!

Re: personality stats by Trip (Tue Sep 26 11:11:58 2017)

Well, i was thinking Strength/Aggression would be Metal, so it would be the fighter or barbarian who would be Metal AF, but yes. Aggression = Metal, Focus = Water, Tenacity = Earth, Intelligence = Air, Awareness = Wood, Fire = Charisma.

Immortal put me off pretentious and obscure terminology long ago.

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