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2018-06-18:  "Freecycling" by Jeremy

16 September 2017 - Saturday

I managed to get up at a reasonable hour and go shopping so that I was back home in time to sign up for games at Big Bad Con when registration opened at noon. They have an anti-hovering system where you can only sign up for two events in the first week, then two in the second week, and only then does it become a free-for-all, but it was a good impetus to not sleep in. Now I am signed up to play in two games with systems I am interested in (Blades in the Dark and Monsterhearts) , both on Friday. I am also signed up for ten straight hours of gaming, so I will need to find some kind of decent portable meal substitute before then...

Also, since I successfully signed up for games, I went ahead and got a hotel room, since although commuting back and forth to Walnut Creek might technically be possible, it would suck massively.

We had to cut anime a little short because Marith has to be at work at 6:00 tomorrow, and got a slow start on new stuff because we wanted to catch her up on the important episodes she missed in Roseville, but there was still some watching.

  • Durarara!!x2 3.7: Apologies to the shippers, but can Shizuo please twist Izaya's head off now?
  • Steven Universe 3.15-19: Back to the plot! And Connie!

Durarara by marithlizard (Tue Sep 19 14:06:58 2017)

You have to wonder how an entire steam shovel got shoved off the top of a building there. Badly Dressed Martial Arts Girl certainly couldn't have done it by herself. Also, to me the villainous plan looks a lot less like the claimed "get rid of the monster" than it does "push the monster into finally getting serious". So maybe you'll get your wish!

Re: Durarara by Trip (Tue Sep 19 18:40:30 2017)

It looked to me like whatever was supporting it got broken so it slid off.

We can hope!

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