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24 November 2012 - Saturday

The customers did not call today, even though I really expected them to (Black Friday sales -> pounding on databases).

Ayse and Ken bought Dungeon World, so despite knowing it would turn out wretchedly, I let them persuade me to run it. Ja Baby actually slept during her quiet time, so we were able to go through the character generation process and construct a party of one human fighter (Gregor) from the Frozen North, one human bard (Lily) sent out into the world by a follower of the god of knowledge, one halfling druid (Dunstan) from the Towering Mountains, and one human thief (Angela, which I did not notice until later was not on the list — BAD Marith) who thinks plans are boring. I should probably have been grilling them more about character background, but we did establish a few things about the world:

  • Due to a divine mishap humans are not able to comprehend, the god of knowledge's store of Forbidden Knowledge had gotten strewn across the world.
  • One of the first pieces of Forbidden Knowledge that was put to use keeps the gods away from the world, so they can't come down and clean things up themselves.
  • About fifty years ago, someone used FK to make a plague to kill the horses of the steppe nomads that were annoying her. Now people everywhere are reduced to riding aurochs, which are much less satisfactory.
  • Something ominous is happening in the Frozen North, but what Gregor saw on his way south was probably just the aurora borealis. Almost certainly.
  • There is someone who knows the secret of never dying, but she is locked in a dungeon under some emperor's palace with her mouth nailed shut so she can't tell anyone.
  • In the city that is like Venice (probably called Serenissima, because all settings should be more like the Kushiel books, right?), no member of any noble house except the royal family is successfully having children.
  • There is a Forbidden ritual to bend all the spirits of nature to one villain's will, which the spirits of nature would much rather remained lost forever.

Then we started to have a sample fight with bandits in the Marsh of Death Alone, but parenting intervened before Angela could get even a fraction of what was probably coming to her for walking into a bandit camp by herself.

  • Nodame Cantabile II 4-5: A jumpkick seems pretty reasonable in that situation, considering the annoyance had been building up for months while Chiaki was off consorting with hot Chinese musicians.
  • Welcome to the NHK 23-24: That was a pretty dramatic ending, but not thematically inappropriate.
  • UN-GO 9: The detective may be suffering from existential angst, but he should still keep a closer eye on his pet supernatural horror.
  • Mouretsu Pirates 14: That's not what I expected to happen with the cat-monkeys at all. It is exactly what everyone expected to happen with the Yacht Club, though.

Next week, Hanasaka Iroha. I wonder what it's about? (Of course I could look it up, but I think it'll let it be a suprise.)

Twelve adorable paws!

Dungeon world by marith (Thu Nov 29 15:50:33 2012)

You forgot my forbidden lore! In the Palace there is, or used to be, a mechanical bird that sang. If it ever makes a noise again, something terrible will happen. Angela just made that up, admittedly, but I think it'd be highly entertainign if it turned out to be true. (There is probably an order of monks watching over it at this point.)

I didn't think we had to stick to the limited list of names. None of the thief names were right at all! And plans are not boring, plans are essential! Other people's plans may be boring though.

Re: Dungeon World by Trip (Thu Nov 29 20:33:41 2012)

That's why I forgot it: it isn't real Forbidden Knowledge at all, it's just a scam! (Also because I didn't have my notebook.)

You were supposed to stick to the lists, but I can rationalize excessively innocent eyes as being criminal eyes. :) Maybe Angela isn't her real name!

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