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2 March 2012 - Friday

Polly and the Pirates vol 2 (Ted Naifeh, Robbi Rodriguez) is not as swell as volume 1 because it is not as new. But it has piratical action and derring-do.

Chthonian Stars is somewhere between Eclipse Phase and CthulhuTech, but really not as well done as either. Traveller TL 8 is no longer a plausible near future (even leaving out the attempt to make all interplanetary travel take one week), the writing is not very good, and the monsters and cultists are not evocative enough.

If done better, it could be a perfectly fine game of SF horror, but as it is, I'd go with Eclipse Phase. (What do you mean, "Not Cthulhoid enough"? Are you trying to claim the Pandora Gates are NOT manifestations of Yog-Sothoth?)

A History of the World in 100 Objects is by Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, so it has many excellent historical objects, from hand axes and cuneiform tablets through suffragette-defaced pennies and credit cards. One can argue about whether it's truly representative of the whole world, but it certainly does a better job than most.

It looks like the original radio programs, everything in the book, and a bunch more, is on the BBC website.

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