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10 November 2008 - Monday

Work: I didn't do anything about work today because Liralen!

Carefully Planned Encounters: Liralen!

Gaming: We took over Dave's apartment and Carl ran Don't Lose Your Edge (an adaptation of Fred Hicks's marvelous Don't Rest Your Head for a setting we still call Shadowrun) for Liralen and Ayse and I, since we didn't get to play on Saturday. I was so lame that by the time I finished making a character we only had a couple of hours left before Dave wanted his apartment back, but we triumphed utterly anyway. We all got into the descriptions, so the one-roll combats worked okay, and a good time was had by all (except maybe the PCs). Whee!

Visual Entertainments: Fourth disc of Trigun, where the doom increases.

Food: Chef Chu's, and the Whole Roasted Fish of Doooom!

Silly Computer Games: Not too much today.

Cats: I oppressed Aspen so much with the pettins and nuzzling and obviously false promises that I wouldn't eat her, but she took it mostly in good humor.

Writing: None today.

Cat Fish by Carl (Wed Nov 12 07:54:51 2008)

Perhaps you could have lured Aspen to her doooom by bringing home a tasty fish head larger than she is!

Re: Cat Fish by Trip (Wed Nov 12 09:16:57 2008)

Ooh, that would have been extra-insidious of me!

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