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2018-10-10:  "Re: Escaping from Portland" by Trip
2018-10-10:  "Escaping from Portland" by marithlizard
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1 July 2004 - Thursday

It's amazing what a difference shoes that are soft inside and more or less the same shape as my feet make.

* * *

Hm, apparently I was supposed to be working with some guy named Atul on testing the thing all day today. I wish Ravi had sent me email about this before skipping the country.

* * *

Today I thought, "Maybe Lovecraft Country needs a good conflict. "Seadog Tuxedo" has the struggle between proud penguin pirates and sun-worshipping shaman-wizards, Dead Inside has the quest to regain one's soul, and so forth. Of course there are perfectly good games that don't have a built-in conflict (or dramatic tension or whatever you want to call it), but they're usually not as specific in character type as LC.

I briefly thought, "Maybe I'm just trying to avoid putting actual creativity into this thing," but no, actually, I think the problem really is that I don't know what LC is about. I know that it's either rugose or squamous, I have some ideas about the placement of tentacles and eyestalks, but I don't know why it wants to destroy the world.

Of course there are all sorts of White-Wolf-esque possibilities about the internal conflict between humanity and monstrosity, the war between humans and monsters for control of reality, and the difficulty of finding black eyeliner that won't run when splattered with blood, but those are only unintentionally funny.

Designing games is hard, let's watch anime.

* * *

I spent too long reading manga and playing KoL, so I only had time to watch ¾ of the disc of Kaleido Star. It is still amusing, but I'm not sure it's amusing enough to be worth spending my precious few anime-watching hours on. Well, I don't have to decide until disc 3 comes out.

Cth'onflict by Carl (Fri Jul 2 18:48:45 2004)

Have you read Zelazny's One Night in Lonesome October? How about Openers vs. Closers as a conflict for Lovecraft Country? And it may just be too much recent Freaks & Geeks (now out on DVD yay!) that makes me want to link the Homecoming King & Queen in somehow.

Joan of Arcadia if she were inspired by Nyarlathotep instead of God?

If Kaleido Star doesn't enthrall, I note that R.o.D. TV series volume 1 and Gad Guard volume 1 are now out on DVD, although you may no longer trust me if you've discovered the terrible truth at the end of Neo Ranga. But I never claimed it would be otherwise!

Re: Cth'onflict by Trip (Fri Jul 2 19:31:28 2004)

Yah, I was thinking Openers vs Closers, but it seems too... cosmic. Not humorous enough. But perhaps that's just an implementation detail.

I don't have the last disc of Neo Ranga yet, but it seems clear there will be some horrible revelation, and that I will hold it against you even though you didn't warn me.

I have ROD TV but am waiting for other people to be able to watch it with me. Allegedly GreenCine will send me Gad Guard one of these days.

L.C. by Ken (Fri Jul 2 20:27:40 2004)

Clearly, the struggle is between the upper and lower classmen. Perhaps conspiring for control of the homecoming dance theme!

Re: L.C. by Trip (Sat Jul 3 14:40:27 2004)

Hm. You two have bracketed one idea I was considering, which is inter-school rivalary. SCOOS already has Whateley Prep and Obadiah Marsh High, who aren't exactly Openers, but certainly enjoy the profits of trafficking with the Mythos. Opposing them wouldn't be saving the world every week (twice at midterms and finals) but it would definitely be a good thing. Hm.

Humorous Doom by Marith (Sat Jul 3 16:47:44 2004)

School rivalry was my thought, yeah. "The school with the most sacrifices to take to the regional tournament gets a special rune carved into the bottom of their swimming pool!"

"So, uh, how do we get sacrifices without killing people?"

"Does the cheerleading squad count? We could lure them to do a 'special display' at the opening ceremony..."

"What about the Stoner family? They don't need to breathe anyway. Maybe we could bribe them to lie really still..."

And I like the idea of at least one Joan of R'leyh character. Maybe as a special mcguffin players can buy for themselves (Divine Infernal Arcane Guidance, or as a wacky airheaded NPC. "She says Nyarlthotep wants us to what? Are you sure she's not testing our gullibility?"

Xellos, the Mysterious Art Teacher.

Re: Humorous Doom by Trip (Sun Jul 4 13:26:09 2004)

I wasn't thinking of having some sort of overarching authority to provide a harmless framework for competition, just natural enmity between teenagers. Well, and maybe a requirement for every PC to have a connection of some sort with an NPC from another school.

Prophecies and revelations are very important, sure!

You want to put Xellos in everything.

Xellos by marith (Sun Jul 4 16:38:13 2004)

Do not!

Things not improved by Xellos: Cheese Fondue Nuns With Guns Any game where I'm a player and not a GM

Conflict by Bryant (Thu Jul 8 11:09:50 2004)


Does all this talk of inter-school conflict tie into Neel's other brilliant comment about sports as a way to sublimate lethal conflict?

Re: Conflict by Trip (Thu Jul 8 11:18:12 2004)

Possibly! Certainly using more brilliant Neel comments is better, but I'm not sure it would be properly Cthluhoid without actual blood and death. Not death of the PCs, of course, but if they're all part-monster, that can be easily dealt with.

I suppose making human sacrifice a sport of its own is a natural extension of the current craze for eXtreme Reality Inter-Ad Filler Product...

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