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17 March 2018 - Saturday

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16 March 2018 - Friday

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15 March 2018 - Thursday

Avalon still works practically all the time. It is very sad. Also I feel like a loser because I have many hours of free time every week, and never do anything with them.

Words: 109. I know more or less what to write, I just can't stop being a lump. Also, this cat is not helping. (But he is very fluffy.)

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14 March 2018 - Wednesday

We had everyone for Thai food and 13th Age, hurray! This session, we proved not quite cunning enough to find and use the shortcut, but at least we avoided most of the painful parts of the long way around and only lost some time.

Imposter Syndrome (Mishell Baker) finishes the "Arcadia Project" trilogy, or at least seems like it wraps up pretty much everything with the plot, even if the main character is still a huge mess. But she's a slightly more functional mess, and also a triumphant one.

Words: 117. Writing after I get home from gaming is hard. Maybe I should get around to installing Scrivener on my pad and try to write some before gaming? But that is social time. Or I could give up on having a non-deferable daily quota, puny as it is. Ugh.

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13 March 2018 - Tuesday

For the first time in a long while, I went up to the northern office, lured by poached pear sour cream caramel pie (Pi Day, observed). The commute was annoying, but at least it was raining instead of hot, and neither bus nor train failed me.

The pie was pretty amazing.

Tricks for Free (Seanan McGuire) is partly about the fallout from the previous book in the "InCryptids" series and partly about how Antimony can't stay out of trouble to save anyone's life, especially not her own. Plus, theme park madness!

Words: 218. I got back late because northern office, so my brain wasn't working very well. (Yes, yes, goes without saying.)

pie by marithlizard (Thu Mar 15 06:02:54 2018)

That pie does sound amazing, and I vote we should get Ken to make it for us.

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12 March 2018 - Monday

Bah, No-Sleep Monday. Nobody likes it. Everybody hates it. Too many dumb customers.

Words: 433, somehow. By doing individual scenes which I will then try to assemble into the initial flashback chapter, I have some things. Kind of.

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11 March 2018 - Sunday

Ugh, Moonlight Squandering Time. Bleah.

Despite the unnatural hour, everyone was present for this week's episode of PAD&D5!

For lack of a better plan, the Heroines of Red Larch go back down into the [SPOILER], where they end up engaging in a real old-fashioned dungeon crawl: mapping, distinct encounters, all the treasure hoarded by monsters too tough to beat. The final encounter brings them back into conflict with the main body of the [SPOILER], but at least they are able to begin defeating them in detail. Next fortnight, there will probably be a huge fight and everyone will die.

Traveling With Your Octopus (Brian Kesinger) is the sequel to Walking Your Octopus, with the green-haired steampunk girl and her cheerful octopus modelling local costumes and customs around the world.

Words: 145.

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10 March 2018 - Saturday

  • Sailor Moon S 5-6: More monster of the week. Jus scorns the main villain's evil laugh as feeble.
  • Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting A Star 1: Rewatch for Marith who missed it the first time.
  • My Hero Academia 1.8: Ensemble cast power montage! I caught hardly any of them, but I might still like Frog Girl the best.
  • Flip Flappers 8: Now that we have a firmer idea what Pure Illusion is, we understand the first couple of episodes better, maybe.
  • ACCA 1: Marith and I saw this, but she thought the other might like it, and they seem to. Not sure whether we're going to keep watching it, but we might.

Words: 146. Poke. Poke.

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9 March 2018 - Friday

Yay, Avalon is still alive! Mostly.

Words: 152.

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8 March 2018 - Thursday

Words: Well, complaining in yesterday's entry about how I have no idea how to write things took up 311 words... No idea what I will do with tomorrow. Dying in a pit still seems good, honestly.

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7 March 2018 - Wednesday

Kelsey cancelled at the last minute, unsurprisingly, but we played 13th Age anyway, and also ate tacos until we exploded, after playing a little Codenames to establish that my brain is transparent and tiny (like a marble) but Dave has 80% inscrutibility.

This session, we confirmed the lack of physical evidence at the site of the missing plant, so the magic types did crazy wizard stuff while Kazannethorim rolled her eyes at them. Then we had to go through the magical gate to the upside-down ziggurat anyway, and discover that it is next to a second sun, patrolled by flaming undead, and full of chanting cultists that seemed about to sacrifice a vampire to empower the plant we want. Next session, all the fighting!

How do you become a supervillain, anyway? As step zero, you need powers and a costume (some powers, like a glowing forcefield or Monster Out, count as a costume as well); without that, you're just a criminal. A nom de spandex is optional, the Internet will be glad to give you one if you're lacking.

But that just gets you to super. How do you get to villain? You can just announce it, I guess, although I don't know what the appropriate occasion would be. Join an existing villain team. Fight a superhero, or at least thwart one. Help a supervillain. And, of course, do a crime. What else? How can I get my main character sucked into a life of supervillainy without meaning to?

Maybe it's just doomed to be uninteresting if her parents are already villains, but I like Slink. Florn!

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6 March 2018 - Tuesday

Because I obviously don't have enough web serials to read, I picked up A Practical Guide to Evil (David Verburg?). In this fantasy world, the gods of Good and Evil sometimes give people the power and luck (not good luck, but appropriate) to live out archetypal roles: the Warlock, the Exiled Prince, the Augur, the Black Knight, the Lone Brooding Swordsman, etc. A couple of generations ago, the dark empire, which was mostly a laughingstock on account of being ruled by people who take names like Malicia or Terribilous, finally got some practical people in major roles, who transformed the Legions of Terror from marauding orc warbands to a professional military, and otherwise tried to get things organized instead of horrifying, and consequently stomped all over everyone. Now a young girl from one of the conquered lands wants to rise in the Empire so she can lessen the oppresion of her people...

The Roles and Names are meta to the readers, but to the characters, that's just how the world works, and they deal with it as best they can, so it avoids being parody by a wide margin. And really, isn't that just the sort of crap gods would pull?

Words: 149, but today I realized that most of what I have written so far is made of fail. I mean, it's always been badly-written and deficient in social justice, that hasn't changed, but very few of the however-the-heck-many words I've written since last October are moving my main character toward being either a supervillain or a superhero. This may mean I should start over AGAIN. Or, you know, die in a pit forever.

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5 March 2018 - Monday

Walking Your Octopus (Brian Kesinger) is a cute picture book about a steampunk young lady and her pet (air-breathing land) octopus. The octopus seems happy to help with all kinds of chores, which makes me wonder about Dave.

The last couple of Spectrums have had a lot of art I didn't much care for, but Spectrum 24 (ed John Fleskes) moves back in the direction of my tastes. it's still very diverse, of course, despite being at least 37% MtG cards by weight (seriously, it seems like WotC is guaranteeing full employment for every fantasy artist with an even vaguely realistic style), but it has less of the stuff I don't like. On the other hand, I didn't feel compelled to buy any of the books whose cover art was selected, so maybe Spectrum has failed after all.

Words: 209.

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4 March 2018 - Sunday

Today, I did nothing! Because I suck!

Okay, I did watch a couple of episodes of Darling in the Franxx, which tumblr has been buzzing about a little. It reminds me of Chrome-Shelled Regios, with the domed cities amid the barren monster-haunted wasteland of the entire world. I'm not sure pair-piloting mecha needed to be sexualized quite that much, though, and I say that as a huge perv. (And why always male-female pairs? And in the same commander(?)-driver(?) roles? (The male lead isn't terrible so far, but I'm pretty sure everything would be much better if Zero Two had picked a female "darling". (Male characters, bah!)))

Words: 508.

Weekly total: 2756. Unfortunately, I have reached the point where I need to know what the antagonists are actually up to. Maybe there's another project I can work on instead?

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3 March 2018 - Saturday

  • Sailor Moon S 3-4: What?! Haruka is a [SPOILER]?! Who could have ever guessed?!
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 12: The end! Not a very conclusive one, but then Nozaki is Nozaki.
  • My Hero Academia 1.6-7: Right into full-contact combat exercises on the first day of school, as one should expect from All Might!
  • Flip Flappers 7: Well, that explanation was not very explanatory. But I don't think the characters understood it either.

Words: 264.

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2 March 2018 - Friday

I'm up to book 4 (I Am Half-Sick of Shadows) of "Flavia de Luce" and still liking them okay, although I might take a break. They are very much what they are.

Words: 527.

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1 March 2018 - Thursday

Hurray, it's Avalon! But she still lives far away.

Words: 278.

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