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13 December 2017 - Wednesday

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12 December 2017 - Tuesday

From today's Internet:

NaNoWriMo extension 35281/50000. I am technically caught up through tomorrow (when I won't have any writing time), but only by having too much detail again.

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11 December 2017 - Monday

After a long break, I have finally finished chapter 16 of Twig (Wildbow). Oh the doom. And dismemberment. And romantic tension. And Helen, who is some combination of all three. (Helen is the best.)

I finally have spent the mountain of stamina I got from blowing all my diamonds on the star event in Love Nikki!

NaNoWriMo extension 34127/50000. Better than yesterday, I think.

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10 December 2017 - Sunday

The published version of PbtA, so that's all good, but it doesn't have quite the tightness and evocativeness of the best PbtA games. So, you know, only better than I could do myself, not inexpressibly better.

I spent most of the day futzing around on the computer and intermittently writing, making it up to 33186/50000, but I think today's words were even more terrible than usual. Specifically, too much unnecessary detail, probably due to being unfocused and also a terrible writer (and generally stupid).

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9 December 2017 - Saturday

Ken and Ayse and Jus went to Ken's work holiday party, so there was no actual anime tonight. Instead we watched Whisper of the Heart, which I have seen, and Dave thinks he has probably seen but didn't remember and Marith had not seen. It was as low-key as I remembered. Bonus points for the middle-class Tokyo family not living in a veritable mansion.

Persepolis Rising (James SA Corey) picks up the story of "The Expanse" some decades after the last book, when the new regime has stabilized and most of the main characters are getting on toward retirement age. Suddenly, a new problem arises! It was probably inevitable, given the situation they were left in, but it is a doozy, and will be the focus of at least one more book, if not the end of humanity (one way or another).

NaNoWriMo extension 31580/50000.

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8 December 2017 - Friday

I'm sure I meant to do something useful today, but without success.

NaNoWriMo extension 31538/50000.

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7 December 2017 - Thursday

Avalon is stuck in bed, which is bad for working, but good for napping.

NaNoWriMo extension 30355/50000. I am still just barely on track to finish by the end of the month. Well, to reach 50000. No idea if that will bring an end to this horrible novel.

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6 December 2017 - Wednesday

Avalon has had surgery on her leg and is not dead even a little bit, although she is not very happy right now.

This week, everyone is healthy and present, so we played a little 13th Age. Only a little, because we can't start until well into the evening after Jus has been put down, and because we apparently cannot focus worth beans (or sessions are so short that the time it takes us to focus leaves almost nothing for playing). Also, it's still D&D.

Maybe I'm just disgruntled because I ate too much Italian foods.

NaNoWriMo extension 29770/50000.

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5 December 2017 - Tuesday

Avalon's accident was martial-arts-related (and now I know why the dojo I went to only taught those techniques on "silly kicks night"!), but apparently bad enough that she needs surgery. That is not okay! Avalon, take better care of your bones!

NaNoWriMo extension 29707/50000. No one has a good plan. Everyone is doomed, including the author.

Meep! by marithlizard (Thu Dec 7 05:38:31 2017)

Poor Avalon! I hope her leg heals fast and she has the good pain drugs!

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4 December 2017 - Monday

I have know Rachel for many years, so I understand that broken bones are just a thing that happens in martial arts, and I will not get too worried about reports that Avalon has broken her leg.

The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of Fortune (JY Yang) are advertised as being independent, and they probably could be read in either order, but interally they are in that order. They seem like Asian fantasy (pugilists, mountain monastaries, kirin and naga) with magic that is almost sufficiently advanced, but also famliar physical laws and an oddly unEarthly world. Also, all children are of undeclared gender (with medical support) until they explicitly decide to be a girl or boy. Political machinations and strange magic ensue.

There are supposed to be two more pieces coming out next year, which I hope means early in the year and not endless months from now.

NaNoWriMo extension 28877/50000. This is the point where I need a good reason for my characters to not turn the matter over to someone qualified to handle it. And then the characters need a good plan to avoid that happening anyway. Because grownups.

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3 December 2017 - Sunday

Not Your Villain (CB Lee), the sequel to Not Your Sidekick, is okay on representation, but the writing style seems to embody "tell, don't show". Also, we already know what to do about storms and solar panels, so worldbuilding/research failure. Meh.

NaNoWriMo extension 27903/50000.

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2 December 2017 - Saturday

I meant to get up and ready before the cleaners came, but that trick never rarely works. So I was super-useless.

  • My Little Pony 25-26: End of the season! I'm not sure even Jus is enjoying this that much, so I don't know if we will go on to watch the second season.
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 1: This is our new show to watch while Ayse & Ken put Jus to bed. It is pretty funny, and also kind of adorable. I'm surprised the main character hasn't thought to rehearse her confession, but that would just ruin things.
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 4: Why is being a responsible and functional member of society so much work?
  • Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions 6-7: Aww, Rikka has a tragic backstory. I can sort of guess how the rest of the season will go, but it will probably continue to be adorable. Also I kind of ship Nibutani and Dekomori.

MLP by marithlizard (Mon Dec 4 18:24:27 2017)

What would we watch instead in that slot though, to keep Jus included? Back to Sailor Moon? Convince her parents that the first part of Avatar:TLA might be okay? Investigate that Adventure Time thing people talk about?

(I'm not particularly thrilled with MLP, but don't mind it either at this point, and I think Jus enjoys being the resident expert who knows all the spoilers. Plus people keep saying it improves in later seasons.)

Re: MLP by Trip (Mon Dec 4 19:10:27 2017)

I don't know, do I look like a parent?!

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1 December 2017 - Friday

The NaNoWriMo progress tracker only works until the end of November, so I have to use the Scrivener wordcount which is a little higher (I'm guessing hyphenated words, but I don't actually know), at 27215/50000. I guess at this rate I might be done before the end of the month, perhaps. Dying in a pit still seems like a better gift to the world of literature, though.

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