Preparing To Play


I expect this game to primarily in the Light-Hearted Action/Adventure genre, although if there is a popular movement I can try to mix in horror or romance or something. It is also a game about a team, not about a group of individuals who happen to be working together this week. Therefore, you should make a character:

Powers beyond those of mortal couriers are acceptable, but remember that in Nexus, the more powerful magic is or the more advanced technology is, the more likely it is to crap out when entering a new zone.

The house rules for this campaign are at
Please read them before attempting to produce a character sheet, and PLEASE PLEASE send comments.

Characters are to be created with 40 character points and 22 skill points. Special Attributes are okay, but as a rule of thumb you should not spend more than 10 points on any one Attribute (whether character points when bought straight or some other kind of points when bought through another power, like Magic).

For Stats, 4 is the rating of the average schmoe on the street (though anything from 3 to 5 is pretty unexceptional). 8 is about the limit of normal human ability; the equivalent of an 18 in D&D. You can have Stats above 8 if you want, but remember that things like superhuman strength, eidetic memory, and psychic sensitivity are usually better bought as Attributes than as huge Stats.

Skill costs are given at the URL above. Please pay special attention to the skills Nexan and Linguistics: for people who make a living by travelling around Nexus, both are vital.

Judging by the sample characters in the BESM book and assorted spin-offs, even highly skilled characters have only 1-3 levels of their Skills, so don't be put off by the high costs of skills. Most Skills will take a -3 penalty for unskilled use, but you can buy Familiarity (effectively +0) with 5 points/level worth of skills for each skill point you devote to Familiarities.

Please provide full writeups not only of any unique or open-ended Attributes you take, but also of how any magical, psionic, or technological powers or gear you have work, so I can adjudicate whether they work in any particular zone. The new Special Attribute Portable may be of interest.


Since Dave's character is not only the head of the company but is writing up the NPCs who founded it, in theory he could be given complete responsibility for writing up the company's background, but that would be less fun for the rest of you. So, what I would like from each of you is:

Additional contributions of random Nexus stuff (like
), character background with useful plothooks, or the like are worth 1 additional character point (2 if you're really impressively crazed).

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