A Week in Blake's Life

(With Certain Boring Necessities Omitted)


Much Too Early: Hastily revise layout and get The Roar printed

Before School: Nearly freeze to death, but sell entire print run of The Roar

Lunch: Provide common sense to cheerleaders trying to plan pictures made by audience holding up colored cards

Evening: Work on website, post new strip, draw strip for reserves, determine it would violate Mom's proprieties, conceal in hidden directory


Before School: Explain to Jessie that Michael won't like her better if she puts out

After School: Play pool at Coffin Lining with Stephanie and Rob, let nice butch lesbian flirt with cleavage

Evening Buffy! Angel! Imagine what MightyBigTV will say about the indescribable horror of Cordelia's outfit


After School: New comics! Read, write reviews.

Evening: Post new strip


Lunch: Work on layout of next week's Roar

After School: Read fan mail, giggle insanely at teenage boy pretending to be lesbian, consider sending URL of gay porn site when asked for picture, delete mail

Evening: Mom's home! Family dinner, watch The World Is Not Enough on video, deflect maternal inquiries into love life and personal habits


Afternoon: Avoid pep rally by hiding in library with Carlos, avoid lech lurking in library by retreating to Art room; produce two new strips

After School: Assemble outfit suitable for going clubbing yet concealable beneath Mom-okay clothes

Evening: Dance! decline propositions from three guys and one girl; midnight icecream with Lianna, Jason, Tiffany, & Amy


Morning: Bike to Golden Gate Park Aquarium with Nikki; sketch sealife for Rapasthu, tentacular monsters for ANTC; lie in sun and admire scenery

Afternoon: Attend football game; produce three strips, propaganda about Our Boys In Uniform, picture of Jamie McCoy looking picturesque

Evening: Dinner with Uncle Brady, Aunt Rachel, & Becky; explain to Becky that all men are scum, hear about latest exception at length, give up and watch TV


Lunch: Explain to Michael over coffee that Jessie isn't saying 'no' because she doesn't like him

Afternoon: Post new strip, new pinup, new fan art

Evening: To bed early, since The Roar is late again

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