What Blake Looks Like

Blake is distinctly not a fragile little twig of a girl: 5'9" and much more curvaceous than slender. She's in good shape from bicycling up and down San Francisco hills, it's just that she's not skinny. Her coloration is as striking as her figure: skin that stays pale even in California, glossy black hair, and big dark eyes. She usually wears dark red lipstick as well, and the frames of her round glasses are black titanium.

Blake is not a real goth, but she usually dresses the part in black or dark red or purple clothes, with lace and buttons and lacings and other pseudo-archaic frippery, and generally with tight-fitting or low-cut tops to show off the previous summer's surprising developments. When going out clubbing or partying, she still wears black, but in more modern styles and substances: fishnet stockings, leather miniskirt, goth band T-shirt, jeans with side zippers for extra tightness, bustier, etc. She does have "normal" clothes, in case her mother drags her somewhere, but never wears them voluntarily.

Despite encouragement from her mother, Blake rarely does anything with her hair but let it hang loose (and swing dramatically), and doesn't wear much jewelry except a pendant made from an antique silver letter opener in the shape of an enlongated shark tooth.

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