The Infinite Sea

(A D&D 3rd Edition Campaign Run by Someone Who Is Not Me!)

Some time back, R Sean came up with the idea of running a D&D3 campaign based on the Barrayar books by Lois McMaster Bujold. As it turned out, the setting had to be very loosely based on the Bujold books to be properly D&Dish, but the protection thus granted the innocent is probably for the best.

Over the following few months, assorted pieces of background material were ejected from the singularity of R Sean's brain, like a new character class, rules for using monsters as heavy military weapons, some description of the Barrayar-equivalent Heironnayar and the Hegen Hub-equivalent Heaven's Hub, and the gods of the Infinite Sea.

Finally, information on how to make characters for the Infinite Sea (including some more new character classes and a new PC race) appeared, and all that remained was to find players.

Besides my uninspired self, R Sean found three more gamers with spare time, and since four is the One True Party Size for D&D3, scheduling commenced.

The four Heironnayarans trapped abroad are:

Danilo del Korisov (played by Christy Young)
Danilo may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's certainly the sharpest dresser, and though he may not know much, he knows how to lead the good life. Possibly too good, in the eyes of some husbands, but one in whom the blood of celestials flows has more obligation to beauty than to obedience.
Rimiqui Thousand-Tales (played by Trip)
Danilo's secretary and factotum, Rimiqui is a zoveri (demi-elven octopoid) which means she also knows how to enjoy people she meets. That she is skilled at getting Danilo back out of trouble is a personal accomplishment.
Lizane del Asande (played by Michelle Curtis)
Lizane seems relatively sensible, at least compared to Danilo, so it's not clear what she's doing stuck with him.
Andrei del Uijanski (played by Dave)
Andrei was originally intended to join the expedition from its beginning, but missed the ship and didn't catch up until episode four. He is a childhood friend of Lizane's (the brotherly kind, not the Danilo kind) and now a naval officer.
Kaeli (formerly played by the actor Rebecca hired to make us believe Gwen existed)
A priestess of the Exile (humanity's patron goddess) and the Lawful King (the god of order from whom Heironnayar is named), Kaeli was sent along with the young nobles as a moral guardian. Apparently no one checked deeply enough into her background do discover her demonic blood, but in episode 3 she was taken bodily into heaven, hell, or the ethereal plane, so her moral influence is lessened for the moment.

Logs are available for:

Session 1: Do Gricks Live In Vain? (26 Apr 2001)

Session 2: Seven And Nine (10 May 2001)

Session 3: Vain Questions (31 May 2001)

Session 4: Vain Ambition (31 May 2001)

Session 5: Looking in Vain (19 Jul 2001)

Session 6 (26 Jul 2001)

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