self-styled Greatest Cat-Burglar in Nexus

Personal Description

Not too tall, and not too curvy (yet). Short blondish hair, grey eyes, and hyperactive. Round, expressive face, volatile emotionally, though usually positive. Usually dresses like a tomboy, in a sort of thirties style; brogues, trousers with suspenders, shirt (no collar) with the sleeves rolled up, cap.

If made to dress up she'd probably wear a tuxedo, but might be pushed into a thirties style evening gown, and would probably look good (ugly-duckling fashion) in it.


Born and bred in Nexus. After her father died in a terrible manhole accident involving an alien power converter, Erika was raised mostly by her mother and a lot of hanging out with bad company, culminating in Fancy Dan the confidence man, before he came to a nasty end at the slender goblin hands of the Nose brothers. Another member of Dan's gang, Bennie "Plug" (as in ugly) Stone, taught her the rudiments of the burglary trade before he had a nasty slip negotiating the alligator pits of the Scale Barons and now answers to "Lefty", too.

Ranked Attributes

ActingGoodCan claim anything with a straight facer.
AgilityExtraordinaryLike a *cat*-burglar, right?
AppearanceGoodShe's cute.
Applied PsychologyGood
BrawlPretty GoodBeen in a fight or three.
Breaking-and-enteringExtraordinaryIt's what burglars do.
CharmGreaterDarn cute. Makes lots of friends.
CuriosityHeroicPretty much her driving force.
DancingGoodBased mostly off of agility.
DrivingPretty GoodGood, but not as good as she thinks she is.
Evade HarmExtraordinaryHow she survived the fight or three.
Knowledge: Nexan CulturesPretty GoodSeen a lot of Nexus since birth.
Knowledge: law (whole suite)Average-plusBeen on the receiving end a couple of times.
Knowledge: security proceduresGreatHas seen a lot of them.
LanguagesGreatNative-born Nexan.
LeapPretty GoodGets from rooftop to rooftop.
LuckGreatShe's still alive and free.
MendacityGreatDarn cute. With a straight face, too.
Nexan PhysicsPretty GoodNative-born Nexan.
PerceptionGreaterKeeping your eyes open helps.
PersuasionGoodPuhleeze, I know it's closing, but I so wanted...
PhysiqueGoodAll that scrambling around keeps her in shape.
Religious TolerancePretty GoodGets along with people.
ShootGoodHas used a gun once or twice.
Skydiving/HanglidingPretty GoodWhee!
SneakQuite ExtraordinaryCatburglar, right?
Spot CluePretty GoodKeeping your eyes open helps.
Spot TroubleGreaterKeeping your eyes open helps.
TinkeringGoodSecurity systems
ToughnessGoodIt's a strenuous job.
WealthGoodShe's picked up an item or two along the way.
WillpowerPretty GoodDetermination. Doesn't like giving up.
Average RatingGood

Unranked Attributes

The following attributes have been ranked on other characters, but not on Erika. They default to Average+.

ArtilleryChastityDisguiseDuelling (any weapon)
FiddlingFinancial AcumenHold LiquorImprovised Munitions
Inflict HarmInflict Harm (intentional)Inflict Harm (unintentional)Intimidation
Knowledge: politicsKnowledge: porcelainLeadershipLongevity
MeleeMemoryMissile DeflectionMusic Appreciation
OratoryPokerRankSex Appeal
Trouble MagnetWeirdness Magnet  

Nonexistant Powers

Erika does not have any of these powers, although other characters in the game do.

RegenerationSword Like LightningTelepathyWheel-of-firelock Pistol

Rank Distribution

Pretty Good9Gd+Gd+Gd+Gd+Gd+Gd+Gd+Gd+Gd+
Quite Extraordinary1Ext+