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12 June 2016 - Sunday

Still more lethargy.

Jeremy and Rachel's new floor is very slick, in the manner of shiny new hardwood floors. This makes Rosie sad, but made putting their furniture back in place easy. (They have given us so many millions of calories, I have no objection to giving a little energy back.)

Deirdre has horrible work on Monday, and then has to pack to go to New York, so I arranged for Lily to fall off a cliff. It builds character, right?

I think this session went better, hopefully because we are getting the hang of Dungeon World and not because we are getting lax and playing it like the games we're used to. I felt kind of weird making up whole sections of the dungeon, instead of having it all planned out, but I think that's how one is supposed to run Dungeon World. Anyway, when we did the end-of-session move, everyone agreed that they had learned horrifying new things about the world, so I feel that I have done at least part of my job.

Hurray for Avalonhugs!

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