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12 October 2008 - Sunday

Gaming: Yay Thrace! This session, we finished cleaning out the goblin nest, and then started investigating the new mayor's creepy basement. Indignities heaped upon Lycoris: punctured by goblins, gnawed by rats, insulted by priestesses, woken up in the middle of the night.

I didn't give her thunderwave because Dave's wizard had it, but she never uses ray of frost, so maybe I should swap it out. Bah.

At this rate, we'll probably level next session, and then I'll have to figure out which feat to take. Linguist, so we can talk to some of these critters? (But all the ones we need to talk to probably already speak Greek or Latin.) +3 Insight, because she's supposed to be psychic? (But everyone pumped their Insight, so it's hard to be best at it.) Cross-class to Warlock to get Bluff as an in-class skill? (She should have the skill, but I can't play a talker.) Convince Ken to make up a feat to let a doppeling assume a Small form? (But she doesn't use her racial power at all.) Proficiency with leather armor? Defensive mobility? Durable? Expanded spellbook? Jack of all trades? Toughness? Alchemy?

Thinking is hard, let's explode some rats!

Visual Entertainments: FAILURE. But I think yesterday may have counted double.

Food: Nothing as exciting as yesterday.

Silly Computer Games: Blargh.

Cats: Marmalade came and slept on my arm! So cute!

Writing: Blargh.

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