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2018-11-03:  "what's wrong with liking routine?" by marithlizard
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26 July 2004 - Monday

I will go back and fill in day-by-day reports of Writer's Weekend as I get time (hard to do it at work, since I need to have my notes and the conference schedule spread out around me), but here is the brief summary of what I've learned:

  • All writers hate synopses.
  • All books have to be plotted out. This can happen before or after the first draft, mentally or in a spreadsheet or on thousands of multicolored index cards, but it's not really optional.
  • Beyond 1" margins, 12-point type, and double spacing, every editor/agent has unique and peculiar views on submissions/query letters.
  • I'm still not good with people, not even crazed geeky people.
  • How to control pacing. (Too long to fit in a brief summary, and you probably either already know, or don't care.)
  • Agents, if they're any good, have strong personal preferences about what sort of manuscripts they'll represent, so it is important to do research when seeking one.
  • Hot writer babes are all scary, married, or both.
  • Editors, if they're any good, have strong personal preferences about what sort of manuscripts they'll acquire, so see above.
  • Acknowledgement pages in books similar to the one you're writing are good places to look for names of agents and editors to begin researching.
  • I instinctively distrust women I find attractive.
  • The magic code in a query letter for non-exclusive submission is "I would be delighted to send you a copy of my manuscript". This won't necessarily make the editor happy, but at least it'll be out in the open.
  • Process servers lead wacky lives.
  • The standard size for SF/F books has declined from 29561295615 words to 28561295615 words, so I'm not as doomed as I might be.
  • Flying to Seattle gets me eaten by whales approximately 0% of the time.

* * *

Home again, home again, jiggity splut!

For no readily apparent reason, my return flight went through Reno, which added a half hour in the air and most of an hour on the ground, but it was uneventful. I read.

Stay (Nicola Griffith) is good, but pretty emotionally brutal. One expects no less, I suppose.

I don't know why the manga version of Banner of the Stars has extra gratuitous Admiral Spoor cheesecake, but I'm not complaining.

* * *

Since I got home at 14:30ish, I had no excuse to not go over to the Bertanis' and pick up my SHINY NEW POWERBOOK! And admire the lack of gaming, but we had plenty of conversation, so it was a perfectly good evening.

Tomorrow evening is Whisman Station Anime, and the next night is Hounds of Balazar, so I guess I will get to actually set up my Powerbook Thursday. Fortunately I don't suffer from must-play-with-new-toy-immediately disease; this is one form of gratification I can delay pretty easily.

When the final component (AirPort base station) arrives, I must dinner the Bertanis for being all discounty and package-receivey and generally superior.

I think I'll name it "spore".

Shiny new Powerbook! by Bruce (Tue Jul 27 09:43:15 2004)

w00t! Congrats on the new computer! I'm jealous.

Scary hot write babes. Hrm. So what kinda scary? :)

Re: Shiny new Powerbook! by Trip (Tue Jul 27 10:49:48 2004)


The scariest one was very East Coast and rabid, so maybe you'd be okay with her. Plus, you don't write.

Scary hot writer babes... by jesshartley (Wed Jul 28 08:14:08 2004)

Were I more masochistic, I'd ask exactly what catagory I fell into, but I'll settle for saying that, if we did meet at Orycon years ago, I'm sorry not to have kept up that acquaintance, because it was a great pleasure to meet you this weekend. :)

Re: Scary hot writer babes... by Trip (Wed Jul 28 09:10:06 2004)

I thought you were married. Did I misunderstand?

Years ago, I had no taste, so I probably wouldn't have appreciated you anyway. But I got better!:)

eaten by whales by kit (Wed Jul 28 09:43:00 2004)

I was practically certain that you would not be eaten by whales! And how glad I am that this is true!

Re: eaten by whales by Trip (Wed Jul 28 10:51:14 2004)

Kit is prescient!

How to Control Pacing by mony (Wed Jul 28 14:20:18 2004)

I don't know /and/ I care! :)

Re: How to Control Pacing by Trip (Wed Jul 28 14:23:24 2004)

Then when I get to the appropriate day, I will summarize my notes!

Scary hot writer babes by jesshartley (Wed Aug 11 11:38:25 2004)

Well, yes, yes I am, actually. I guess one out of three is close enough. :)


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