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15 April 2002 - Monday

Bleargh, Monday. And I get to start it off by attempting to extract W2s from HR. Oh, and Too is down.

* * *

Actually, it was Finance that I needed, and my, but the head finance lady is cute. And helpful! "I need my W2s," I said. "Are you going to try to get them in today, or file an extension?" she asked, while the printer made ominous whining noises. Then she handed me a shiny new copy of my W2s and suggested I could get the extension form off the IRS website. Woot!

* * *

People have been rolling dice at me for Tokyo Tower. I think they're really just taunting me, not evincing any sincere intention to play, but I should think about it more anyway. Maybe once Tamago de-theaters, I can lure her.

The stat adjustments I gave before are sort of lame. Instead, everyone gets +2 Con and that's it. If you want to be a geek or a jock, allocate your rolls accordingly. Skills and feats are as I said before, hit points are 8 + Con_mod, BAB is +0, Fortitude and Will saves are +2, Reflex save is +0.

You can still use anyone else's roll if you don't like yours; the one that was mailed to me was 12 12 12 14 15 17 (total modifier +10).

I need to make up some things for people to choose, so I can assign Vast Magical Powers appropriately. In an ideal world, there would be high-production-value cards with detailed images for the characters to pass around and examine carefully for symbolism, but in this world, I'll probably have to settle for describing the cards, since that bastard Plato stole the deck.

* * *

I sort of guessed at the numbers, but the IRS's automation has recorded an extension for me. I now have until August to do my tax return for real. Yay me.

I'm not sure what implications this has for my state tax return.

And Too is up.

* * *

The images for Tokyo Tower:

A lion rampant between two columns.

The crescent and full moons overlaid into one disk.

An oak tree with a skeleton beneath its roots.

An ibis in flight.

The rayed solar disk.

A boar's head, seen frontally.

A human skull surmounted by a crown.

A burning eye with three pairs of feathered wings.

Three apples.

A circle drawn with a single brushstroke.

A mountain with the full moon behind it.

A sailing ship with full rigging, borne up by three stars.

The question to the player would be "Which of these twelve would you pick to represent your character, and why?"

* * *

Whee, Millbrae. But I got to pretend to be a world-famous author of a best-selling self-help book deeply in debt to the Hyphen Maf- I mean, being interviewed in front of a live studio audience, which proves that I can talk the talk. Walking the walk is, well, easier said than done, but I did leave the session with a sense of reduced doom.

Then I did laundry.

Cards for laughter, Cards for pain by Carl (Tue Apr 16 03:32:22 2002)

Hey! This isn't D20! It's Everway!

Nice images, though.

Except the circle drawn with a single brushstroke, which reminds me too much of Lucent's corporate logo. If its meant to be evil, that works fine, though.

Not Everway! by Trip (Tue Apr 16 12:00:14 2002)

It's not Everway until I replace the d20 with 20 cryptic cards!

And it's not my fault Lucent appropriated a perfectly good zen exercise and used it for evil! But maybe no one will pick that one.

Yay! Reduced Doom! by Liralen (Mon Apr 22 17:00:55 2002)

I really like the word pictures!! Yay for Millbrae!! Hee about the Hyphen Maf-

I agree with Carl about the image. grin

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