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11 April 2002 - Thursday

Today's cool link. The underlying ideas are probably not new to modern science/SF geeks, but the article is extremely interesting.

* * *

Last night I had a terrible idea for a D&D game. (Not as terrible as AotBS, mind you.)

Player Instructions

  1. Think up a Tokyo high-school student (age 14-17 or thereabouts). Feel free to conspire with your fellow players to go to the same school, have pre-existing character links, etc.
  2. Write up your character in D&D3e terms thus:
    • Abilities: best-3-of-4d6 6 times, if you don't like what you rolled you can swipe someone else's rolls, arrange in whatever order you like, boys get -2 Con, girls get -2 Strength, either can take a -2 to one physical stat (Str, Dex, Con) for a +2 to Int or Cha ONCE
    • Feats: you can take one feat now, or you can defer it until later, when you may be able to make a more effective choice
    • Skills: 1-3 lumps of (5 + Int_mod (min 2)) skill points, unused ones can be taken later as with feats, anything that seems reasonable for a Tokyo high-school student is a "class" skill, anything that doesn't is "cross-class" (costs double)
    • Hit Points: 6 + Con_mod
    • Etc: 30' move, medium size, and all else as d20 standard human
  3. Determine why you are on a field trip to the top of the Tokyo Tower.

Stop me, before I think again!

Sims by Dor (Thu Apr 11 13:03:42 2002)

That article is really fascinating. I suppose this means I should check your journal more often for interesting links. And it definitely means that working on your website is on positive utility, although my employer might disagree.:-)

Re: Sims by Trip (Thu Apr 11 13:13:06 2002)

Obviously, I have a vested interest in making brains larger!

D&D! by Silkie (Thu Apr 11 15:26:44 2002)

When are you running this? :)

Sneaky by Carl (Thu Apr 11 17:38:21 2002)

Oh sure, there we are atop the Tokyo Tower, then a terrible mistake propels us into a distant future where the sun is flickering its last...

What, no bonus feat for being human?

Let's all stat up Wizard Apprentices and do Harry Potter crossed with Lain!

Re: Sneaky by Trip (Thu Apr 11 17:56:04 2002)

Teenagers are human?

Not Such A Terrible Idea by Lynx (Thu Apr 11 23:58:31 2002)

Hm, why not provide three sets of stats and allow reordering? I think that's one of the suggested potential methods of character creation somewhere.

Anyway, it was done in Magic Knight Rayearth and in Escaflowne so I don't see why it wouldn't make sense to play it as a game. ('gryn) I'd add one additional requirement though... One reason why the teenager might want to return to Earth even if only temporarily. Seems to be a requisite of all such anime!

Re: Not Such A Terrible Idea by Trip (Fri Apr 12 10:37:58 2002)

Well, if each player can swipe any other player's rolls, and there are three players, then it's the system you suggest! If there are more players, there are even more choices (although in practice one or two are going to be the best).

Reasons to want to return to Earth can be provided by the GM. Like owlbears!

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