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2020-07-24:  "Martha Wells story" by marithlizard
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28 December 2001 - Friday

We arose to find Earl already arrived, and Sherilyn panicking. However, with five of us, we were able to corner her against the back wall of the dining room and pin her in place with a table, and then she didn't really have much choice except to run D&D1.

Our wandering Amazon Quintet of Justice (Sophia the human paladin, Fresa the dwarven cleric, Alyssa the human druid, Solara the elven security expert, and Amaryllis the halfling sorceress) was hired by a dwarf to fetch some papers of his distant ancestor's from the ancient dwarven burial ground recently inhabited by a lich but allegedly now doom-free.

To make a long story short, we used courtesy and cleavage to extract information from a local scholar that the rival treasure-hunters had failed to bully out of him, failed to convince the one cute and highly protectable member of that rival party to defect, satisfied ourselves as to the worthiness of our dwarven friend's cause, and set off to the ruins.

When we finally arrived, we found and snuck in through the secret janitorial entrance that the friendly scholar had told us about, giggling surreptitiously at the other party as they worked on digging out the caved-in main entrance. Excitement with dire rats, traps, zombies, a mummy, and a carrion crawler ensued, which wore us down enough that we decided to retreat back to our camp in the woods to rest up and regain spells before pushing onward. The next morning, bright and early, we snuck back into the burial complex and continued down the spiral. At the point where the layout deviated from its dwarven regularity, we were assaulted by cold-spitting heckhounds but made short work of them. The end was in sight! Except for the Evil Stairs leading downward, nothing stood between us and our goal, so we carefully hopped over the unworn steps and gathered up the papers our employer wanted, along with any valuables that didn't seem to be specifically grave goods and thus off-limits according to our source of dwarven spiritual authority.

As we were packing up to leave, the rival treasure hunters burst into the room and shout, "Hand over the papers!" They were confused by our response of "Augh! You IDIOTS! You stepped on the EVIL STAIRS!" but it became apparent that we weren't gratuitiously changing the subject when the room filled with blobby melted-wax-ish demons that began savaging us all impartially (if not very savagely).

Then the Very Large Bone Demon created a wall of ice across the middle of the chamber to divide our forces into easily digestible chunks and things became much worse. Fortunately it was an NPC who demonstrated the folly of charging the demon; unfortunately, the demon was almost entirely immune to our spells. Our paladin and cleric managed to hack through the wall of ice and join the fight with their magic weapons (capable of actually hurting the demon), which changed our projected quick and brutal death to a long and lingering one.

Amaryllis was zero for three on spells (web disintegrated, earth elemental and fire elemental were unable to do anything other than mar the demon's shiny finish), so broke out her carefully horded magical flaming bolts and proceeded to shoot up some relatively inoffensive stone walls.

Sophia's protection against evil let her go toe-to-toe with the demon, and the other party's cleric kept pumping life energy into her, but it was Amaryllis finally getting a good shot2 in that took the demon down. Then everyone with a magical hand-to-hand weapon chopped the thing to bits and jumped up and down on the bits until they dissolved into nonagressive ickiness. Hurrah for us!

The other party said, "So we're going to split the treasure, right?" and was blown back against the walls by the force of our indignation. Solara and Amaryllis explained to the cute protectable boy what his blazingly stupid teammates had done to nearly get him killed, but he still wouldn't defect. Alas.

We returned in triumph to the town, fulfilled all professional and social obligations3, and sent up bird-like cries of "Eep! Eep!".

Then there was the protracted explanation to Sherilyn of just why this had to be a campaign now: "It was swell! The climactic scene was great! We must have more! And look at all the plot hooks you set up!" Finally our good sense prevailed, although we haven't actually scheduled a second session.

By this time it was quite late, but Marith had napped away much of the afternoon to make up for being ill the previous night, so she was up for driving home and zoomzoomzoom back to my parasitelair!

1: Who says "take hostages, issue demands" isn't a viable plan?

2: It was immune to fire, of course, but the bolt itself hit a tender spot.

3: And some that were both: "I'll identify these for half-price if you two go out with me!"

Amazon Quintet of Justice! by Silkie (Mon Dec 31 22:06:03 2001)

Wow! That sounds much cooler than the game I ran!

Amazon Quintet of Justice! by Trip (Tue Jan 1 14:18:51 2002)

It only sounds better because I came up with a good catchphrase.

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