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2018-01-17:  "octopus communication" by marithlizard
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17 February 2018 - Saturday

[ . . . ]

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16 February 2018 - Friday

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15 February 2018 - Thursday

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14 February 2018 - Wednesday

It seems to be Valentine's Day, and yet there is still an entire continent and a national border between Avalon and me. Hmph.

Words: 387. This time I blame Worth the Candle.

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13 February 2018 - Tuesday

I spent all day trying to fix what I broke yesterday, until people above my (inexplicably not minimum-wage) pay grade decided it would be better to spin up some new servers and start over from scratch.

Oh no, I am caught up on Ward (JC McCrae)! Now I have to wait!

I have not been enjoying Ward as much as Worm (arguably a sign that it is better written, because I am a genre reader with no taste), but it is still quite good, and I want to find out what is going on with all the new characters. I also want many of the antagonists to die horrible deaths, which seems like something that could be in the cards, even if it's more likely to happen to the protagonists.

Words: 166. Bah. I blame TENX.

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12 February 2018 - Monday

Ambari was successfully upgraded last week, so now it's time to upgrade HDP! Or, more accurately, spend all afternoon and late into the evening failing to get it either upgraded or rolled back. On a major production machine. Um. I wonder if Finland is still doing the Universal Basic Income thing? I don't seem to be doing well at providing services for money.

Words: 212.

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11 February 2018 - Sunday

Look, it's PAD&D5! Dave was late, because he went hiking and the trails had changed without the maps or signage being updated, but he did eventually arrive.

The expected defense of Summit Hall against the [SPOILER] Hostage-Taking Squad is derailed by a literal song-and-dance put on by the Squad. Since the only Heroines of Red Larch on the scene are Lamthanc and Hazelrae, neither of them known for their cleverness, the ruse works, and the Retribution Squad escape with their target. Curses!

Even when they are gathered together, the Heroines don't think they can take the Hostage Squad, so they investigate the scene of the crime, and find out the probable target. Then they head back to their ally's location, which is what Lam had been saying they should do all along, so they have some recriminations to occupy their time during the journey.

[SPOILER] is still kind of flipped out, so the Heroines decide they have to handle this on their own, and head back down through the traps (which they can avoid this time) to invade the [SPOILER] lair, and end up fighting a chunk of the Hostage Squad, but fortunately a small enough chunk that they can prevail. Even after fishing Rimardo out of the chasm, they are in bad enough shape that they have to withdraw upstairs and try to rest.

(I didn't realize it until after, but when Jeremy was trying to warn us off the Hostage Squad, he missed a golden opportunity to wave his tentacles and deliver the line, "Are you sure you want to ride this train?".)

Words: 326.

Weekly total: 1847. Oops, still declining. Although if I somehow deserved the benefit of the doubt, I could note that this week had stupid annoying work stuff.

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10 February 2018 - Saturday

I did not manage to get up and functioning before the cleaners arrived, but at least they admired Ghirardelli properly. (Aspen is always hiding when there are humans in her apartment.)

When I tried to go shopping, I discovered that today is Nonny's birthday party! So after shopping and stuff, I went to The Little Gym and watched Nonny and Jus and a bunch of kids have a great time running around and climbing on things and eating pizza. There may have been hugs.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal 3.13-14: The end! Also, cliffhanger for next season (if there is one). Hotaru's dad didn't do as well in this version.
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 9: Poor Chiyo and her umbrella. Poor Miyako and her tanuki editor.
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 10: Finally, we see more characters from the framing story! Well, one adorable one, anyway.
  • Flip Flappers 4: "I've seen this episode of Evangelion!" "I've seen this episode of Steven Universe!"

Having run out of Pact, I am now reading Ward (JC McCrae), which is a sequel to Worm. The entire setting is a spoiler for Worm, since it takes place after all the events including the climactic battle, so don't read this first!

Ward follows one of the secondary characters, who had her life ruined and then got it back but now has to do something with it in the new improved world. Only a very few characters overlap with Worm, but these new ones are probably even more messed up. They may also be doomed.

Words: 199.

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9 February 2018 - Friday

With the help of Coworker J and Coworker C, I defeated Ambari. It is now a more recent version, and there's nothing anyone can do about it! Muahahahaha!

I thought it would be a lot longer, but finally I reached the end of Pact (JC McCrae). It turns out to only be about half the length of Worm, which still amounts to like a ten-book series. It is full of doom, because it wouldn't be a Wildbow story without the protagonist getting whittled away mentally, emotionally, and physically in pursuit of their goals, and Pact has some really abrasive surfaces for poor Blake to run into face-first. Or maybe soul-first.

If you like magical magic, and don't mind horror elements, definitely really Pact.

Words: 368.

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8 February 2018 - Thursday

Today's work thing had some more technical content, although it was still hampered by the inability of middle-aged guys to shut the hell up and listen to the presentation. We wrapped up at midday, but New Boss K didn't have to be at the airport until late in the evening, so Coworker J and Coworker S led us to the San Pedro Market, where we ate expensive foods (duck carnitas taco!) and Coworker S admitted to his compulsive ticket-answering disorder. Also I guess we filled New Boss K in on how we do things around (messily).

When I got back to the office, I ended up staying late to mess with stupid Ambari stuff some more. Bah.

Words: 192.

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7 February 2018 - Wednesday

I went into the office so I could at least work on the stupid Ambari thing at work, but was officially instructed that the company event is more important than Ambari, so I used the light rail to zoom straight to the hotel where it's being held, and spent all day being educated on Sales stuff. It was of dubious utility, but I did meet my new boss (and promptly forgot his face, because too many middle-aged white guys in one room), and it was definitely less unpleasant than Ambari.

I skipped out on the festive (read: drunken) company evening in favor 13th Age and Indian food. No Kelsey, but we came up with a good excuse for why her character wasn't there, and we only finished the E1 round of the fight so she can rejoin next week. Er, week after, since next Wednesday is Cute Couples Day.

No terrain stunt until round E4, bah!

Words: 166.

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6 February 2018 - Tuesday

I meant to upgrade Ambari in the morning and then go to the big company thing in the afternoon, but instead I spent all day and into the evening struggling feebly against Ambari before admitting defeat. And I did it from my apartment, which reminded me why I don't like working from home. Ugh.

Ambari sucks.

Words: 242.

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5 February 2018 - Monday

Avalon can walk on her own feets again! It will be longer before she can do jumping spin kicks, which is probably for the best.

Words: 354.

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4 February 2018 - Sunday

I meant to get up in a timely fashion and do the thing, and the other thing, and maybe some additional things. Instead I read Pact until my brain came out, tried to do one thing and failed on account of not being smart enough to ride a bus, and finally did another thing (not the most important thing).

Words: 291.

Weekly total: 2381. Hey, that's more than last week! Maybe I've levelled off!

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3 February 2018 - Saturday

Customers, do not break things on weekends!

  • Sailor Moon Crystal 3.11-12: Heroic disembodied soul action!
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 8: Prince Girl does not understand why everyone is reading shoujo manga!
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 9: Despite the American influence, Japan at that time was not friendly to someone who wants to reshape culture to fit the future.
  • Flip Flappers 3: I don't think missing the first two episodes increased Marith's level of confusion any. Also, the villain from this episode is kind of like something from Kill 6 Billion Demons. Not really, but kind of.

Words: 175.

Marith gave me a good idea for my plot, so I can send everyone careening into a death spiral. I tried to give her a good idea, but I don't think it worked.

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2 February 2018 - Friday

Huh, apparently work has hired someone to manage me and coworker M. I find it somewhat concerning that no one mentioned this to us ahead of time, but I haven't been such an exemplary employee that I deserve special insight into what is happening. Also next week is full of stupid Sales stuff.

Words: 433.

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1 February 2018 - Thursday

Trundling to the vet was not as onerous as I remembered, but bringing back cat food would have been easier if I had thought to bring bags. Sheesh.

Words: 559.

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31 January 2018 - Wednesday

Now that the germs are (mostly) vanquished, it is time for 13th Age and Thai food. Mostly Thai food, since Ken only has about an hour to game before people have to start the long northward trek. This means about one scene per week; this week, it was a fight against an amorphous ectoplasmic blob. But we got a cursed spear.

Words: 165. Still no plot.

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30 January 2018 - Tuesday

Heroines of the Last Age is a hack of Heroines of the First Age (or maybe a variant, since it's by the same people?) for far-future space opera, when the moribund STL empire of humanity and descendant/allied species is suddenly revived by the invention of FTL. (Despite the Galactic Flow (sort of a cross between zero-point energy and the Force), this is slightly harder than a lot of space opera games, but still no Orion's Arm.) The PCs are movers and shakers, who will have to deal with interstellar warlords, entire alien species, ancient artifacts larger than worlds, and the mysteries of the Galactic Core, in epic HotFA style. It reminds me of Strange Stars, in the combination of pulp craziness and modern SF tropes.

After reading some non-genre stuff with smooches and happy endings, I have started Pact (JC McCrae), which I guess is technically urban fantasy, but is more like rural occult, being about pacts (duh) and binding of supernatural creatures and the secret practice of magic. The main character starts out at zero, and after the first arc, it looks like he has learned just enough to have an inkling of how completely and utterly screwed he is. In later arcs, no doubt he will come to see the greater and greater depths of his doom.

Words: 326. I still need a lead to the plot, which means I need an actual plot, not just the main character wandering around using her enhanced senses on people.

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29 January 2018 - Monday

Words: 422. I need more idea.

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28 January 2018 - Sunday

Hurray, Deirdre is back for PAD&D5 (and for, you know, her entire life in California, but who cares about work and family?)!

After setting up a temple to the Crystal Dragon in Yartar (taking over the old temple of Bane, who is no longer worshipped by anyone at all ever) and staffing it with people who will definitely not fall into heresy and corruption as soon as they're unsupervised, the Heroines of Red Larch head out to assault [SPOILER], so their ally [SPOILER] doesn't have to waste any more of his time keeping it bottled up. Along the way, Lamthanc has oracular dreams, which apparently relate to the overarching problem with [SPOILER]. By the Will of the Gods, Lam commits a terrible faux pas when the Heroines meet their ally, which doesn't offend him but does distract him from guarding the front door to [SPOILER]. Since he is busy, the Heroines rush down to keep the forces of evil from coming up, and fall into a cunning trap, which Lam defeats with her mighty thews. Mika, who avoided the trap, overhears the enemy plotting to take a hostage against their ally, so the Heroines dash off after them. Lam and Hazelrae, on Honk-Sneeze, dash ahead and make it to the target ahead of time, but will have to defend against the enemy with the help of only a few NPCs until the rest of the Heroines catch up next session.

During a break in the action, I showed everyone octopus communication. This was particularly appreciated because one of the tenets of the Crystal Dragon is "boo tentacles".

Solve for i (AE Dooland) is a spin-off of Under My Skin/Flesh & Blood, about one of the secondary characters who has realized that she is madly in love with her extremely straight best friend. Some moderately poor decisions ensue, along with near-fatal blushing (because red-headed introvert), but it does work out in the end. This story seemed weirdly retro, because even though Tinder (and the configuration thereof) was a major plot element, there was also a subplot of work drama involving a union! Even though everyone involved works in an office! Truly Australia is a strange and alien land.

Words: 353.

Weekly total: 2247. This number keeps decreasing, which should probably concern me. (The lower it is, the less damage I am doing to world literature!)

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27 January 2018 - Saturday

The cleaners were timely and efficient this week, which is good because their rates have gone up (the San Jose minimum wage has increased, so I can't complain).

No Marith for anime, because Jus and Ayse are full of germs. I ate her share of the chili.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal 3.9-10: Now Hotaru and Chibi-Usa can be monster-out-into-grown-ups-and-try-to-murder-Daddy buddies!
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 7: Nozaki's obliviousness to all things that are not shoujo manga is really quite something. Poor Sakura.
  • My Hero Academia 1.3-4: Finally our protagonist has stopped being oppressed by society and has reached the elite hero academy! Surely all his troubles are over, now!
  • Flip Flappers 1-2: A foolish rationality is the hobgoblin of small audiences!

Words: 309, which is not much but better than usual for a Saturday with shopping and anime and assorted nonwriting activities.

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26 January 2018 - Friday

Another week successfully survived!

The main character of Under My Skin (AE Dooland), Min Lee, is talented and attractive, and only a few years out of college already has a high-paying job, a handsome and kind boyfriend who is even the right ethnicity to satisfy her controlling mother, a plum assignment reporting directly to the CEO, and an increasing dread of having to put on skirt/bra/makeup to go to work each day. One (slightly drunken) evening, she posts a painting of herself looking pretty androgynous to her Deviantart account, which causes one of her long-time followers to try to meet her in person, and her entire life starts unravelling from the gender binary outward. Apparently this is the sort of thing I like, because I liked it a lot despite the complete lack of spec-fictional elements. Maybe I just like the main character's deadpan jokes.

In the sequel, Flesh & Blood, Min makes many terrible decisions, and has to deal with the consequences. If the theme of the first book was that figuring out what gender you are and what gender you want to smooch will make your life 75% less terrible, the themes of this one are that cutting toxic people out of your life will help a lot with that remaining 25%, and honest communication is key in any case. I still like it, although I had to scream at fictional characters a lot while reading.

Words: 146. I had a clever plan, I know I did, but now I can't remember what it was and also I'm too stupid to write.

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25 January 2018 - Thursday

Words: 410, but I may have to rewrite a bunch of them tomorrow.

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24 January 2018 - Wednesday

No 13th Age! No Thai food! Monkeycat Mountain is a house of plague, into which no one except me (and the people who live there) dare set foot!

There were half a dozen epilogue chapters for Worm, which cast some of what went before in a different light but mostly are "where are they now" in the following years. Now I have to decide whether to move on to Pact immediately, or take a break from having my aortic arches stomped on.

Words: 316. I um did not successfully focus (by which I mean "stop playing MPQ), and I probably should to write this part, since it may contain Feelings.

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23 January 2018 - Tuesday

Yay, I fixed a customer!

I stayed up too late finishing Worm, because I couldn't stop there! That was a pretty hard ending to read, though. Did Taylor deserve what happened at the end? On the one hand, she was at least instrumental in <rot13>fnivat nyy bs uhznavgl</rot13> but on the other, she did once <rot13>svyy n thl'f rlronyyf jvgu znttbgf</rot13>. It was a hard ending, anyway.

Two tentacles up!

Words: 365, but why do I even bother?

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22 January 2018 - Monday

Monday already? I think I liked that other weekend better. Roomier.

Words: 348.

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21 January 2018 - Sunday

No gaming today, so I should do something useful! Like... uh... maybe... or... Oh, never mind.

A demo of steampunk martial arts.

Hurray, it's volume 2 of Kill 6 Billion Demons (Tom Parkinson-Morgan)! The visuals on this are still so amazing, and the protagonist is finally getting her act together. Maybe if I eat this guy's brain, I can have an imagination like that?

Apparently there is now a Kill 6 Billion Demons RPG!

Words: 640.

Weekly total: 2545.

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20 January 2018 - Saturday

I completely failed to be useful this morning, so I had to ride the bus to grocery shopping instead of walk. Bah!

Marith was at anime, despite the germ risk, so we caught her up on Lars of the Stars/Jungle Moon and episode 9 of Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal 3.8: Julia: "I like her better when she's evil." Everyone else: "We know."
  • Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 8: Love? Bah, there is only rakugo!
  • Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun 6: Ah, the mysteries of screentone. I've never worked with it, but I suspect that it alone would make digital art a thing.

Words: 119.

rakugo by marithlizard (Tue Jan 23 13:50:36 2018)

I am confirmed in my suspicion that Kiku is a big jerk!

Re: rakugo by Trip (Wed Jan 24 13:34:56 2018)

There's probably some horrible saying for it, like "art before tarts", but yep.

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19 January 2018 - Friday

Words: 275.

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18 January 2018 - Thursday

Words: 567. But I have nothing to say, and wouldn't say it right if I did, because fuck horrible old white guys.

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