The Professional Side

Iím currently directing the North American video game division of Hudson Soft Co. Ltd, publicly traded on the Hercules market (formerly Nasdaq Japan.) Founded in 1973, Hudson Soft has been a popular video game developer and publisher since the days of the Nintendo Famicom and the NEC Turbo Grafx systems. Bomberman is their most famous and popular title although Bonkís Adventure, Adventure Island, and others come close. Most recently, Bloody Roar has been better known in the US marketplace.

Most recently I was Director of Marketing and Public Relations for The 3DO Company. Iíve also served as Director of Marketing, North America, for Empire Interactive and Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Internet infrastructure firm Meteor Communications. Before that, I was Director of Product Marketing for the kids games division of Atari, known then as Infogrames North America.

Previously, I was a software evangelist and product manager for NetObjects Fusion. Spent about 2.5 years there including a six month stint working out of their European office in Windsor, England. Loved England, but worked myself into true burnout on a crazy schedule.

Before that I was at The 3DO Company for my first stint of three years. At 3DO, I was product manager for such titles as Killing Time, 3DO Games: Decathlon, Army Men, and Galactic Conquest: Portal of Succession.

Before 3DO, I was the technical editor for Publish Magazine where I tested and reviewed products like NetObjects Fusion. Before that I helped start another magazine for the International Data Group called NeXTWORLD Magazine.

Before these positions, I owned part of YES! Graphics & Printing in San Franciscoóa printing, graphic design and service bureau. I managed the service bureau part. Previous to that Iíd been a marketing guy at a marketing consultancy called RM Dudley Corporation which assisted high-tech companies with product launches. I worked on such product launches as the Hummingbird notebook computer from Grid Systems and Meridian products from Northern Telecom. Before that I worked on staff at BMUG back when it almost stood for the Berkeley Macintosh User Group.

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