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Role-Playing Games

I play a fair amount of traditional role-playing games from old standards like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons(R) to more recent inventions.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons

I'm participating in an every-other-week D&D game that has been running a long time. I play a human monk character in a world where monks are not well known at all. (The monk character class was deleted from D&D books in the latest revisions so itís not even a legal selection in many campaigns.) Many who meet my character donít know quite what to make of him as the entire concept of monk is outside their understanding. Add to that a bit of role-playing flair and it makes for fun gaming.


My friends and I have a new tradition. Every year we go to the GEN CON trade show to keep up on new games coming out.

Click here to hear about my trip to TSRís 30th Annual GEN CON 97 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Click here to get information on attending GEN CON 98.


Shadowrun by FASA Corporation is set in 21st century Seattle featuring a cyberpunk motif. In addition to all the standard elements of a cyberpunk setting, however, the world has "reawakened" for one of it's periodic episodes of magical activity. The combination is unusual and a lot of fun. I play a street samurai with significant, deadly surgical enhancements and easy morals. This campaign has been running every Tuesday night for close to two years now.

Iron Crown Enterprises and Middle Earth Role-Playing

Middle Earth Role-Playing

I really enjoy this game. I enjoyed a great campaign called Fornost is Burning presented by Iron Crown at the GEN CON 97 show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My friend Buck returned with the resolve to begin a MERP campaign again for the first time in at least ten years. Weíve had about eight adventures now and we are having a blast. Iím playing a Dwarven gharnughir (axeman) with what always seems to end up sounding like an Eastern European accent. If you wish to see the special Web site for this MERP campaign, click here.

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