Name: Richard Michael Reynolds

What I do for fun: Play games. Give massages. I manage to entertain myself.

Occupation: Software Product Manager & Software Evangelist.

Why I Do It: I got tired of writing about everyone else’s cool software.

Previous Occupation: Journalist

Education: BA, Modern Chinese History, UC Santa Cruz

Heroes: Tim Gill, Steve Jobs

Best Friend: Don Wilson

Hated Vegetable: Olives (although I'm starting to change my mind on this)

Favorite Drink: Cabernet Sauvignon

Best Fast Food: Pizza or burritos

Most Loved Movie Experience: Star Wars Trilogy, Beautiful Thing

Worst Movie Experience: Anything you'd describe first as “intense”

Favorite Vacation Spot: Places that don't speak any English

Most Memorable Cultural Event: Staying in a Mongol yurt and riding Bactrian Dromedaries in the Gobi Desert.

Favorite Music: Janet Jackson, Madonna, the artist formerly known as Prince, Backstreet Boys.

Favorite Writer: Joan Didion.

Last Book Read: Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind.

Most recent memorable meal: Having a traditional paella at an old Catalan restaurant in Barcelona.

Blast From the Past: Seeing Boy George in a small San Francisco club.

What Am I Really Like: Smart, Loyal, a Gentleman

What I Think Life Is About: Making things better for those who come after you.

Favorite Quote: "I think every man should have a man's tongue in this mouth at least once in his life." -Madonna.

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