The Professional Side

I am a Product Manager and a Software Evangelist for NetObjectsómakers of NetObjects Fusion, the site development tool for design professionals.  If youíre unfamiliar with evangelism in this context, it has nothing to do with thumping religious books and asking for money. Iím enjoying it a lot and the evangelism team at NetObjects are a great group of friends. Canít beat them.

Before that I was at The 3DO Company for three years. At 3DO, I was Product Manager for such titles as Killing Time, 3DO Games: Decathlon, Army Men, and Galactic Conquest: Portal of Succession. Alas, but the market is not where it could be right now. The 3DO Company reorganized and laid off most of the staff--including me. This gave me the motivation to accept NetObjects' offer and I'm glad I did. Great team, great company, great product.

Before 3DO, I was a technical editor for Publish Magazine where I tested and reviewed products like NetObjects Fusion. Before that I helped start another magazine for International Data Group called NeXTWORLD Magazine.

I also have a side business where I am a Certified Massage Therapist. I have a massage studio in my home and I see clients on evenings and weekends.

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