more on men

By "more" I will presume you are interested in my physical tastes, no?

There's more to it than physical appearances and even chemistry. I appreciate a man with at least some romantic side—an affectionate nature, a good hug, a heart with a capacity for caring, and an appreciation for the occasional gift or special occasion. I prefer men in their 30's. I'm partial to a slightly stocky build and a great smile. Also, great eyes will give you a distinct advantage. I do not care for beards or long hair for some reason.

I'm not settled on a specific type and sex is not the major motivator in my life that it is in some. I'm interested in a committed, exclusive relationship with one man. (The word "monogamous" seems awkward, if appropriate.)

More specific questions will have to asked via email. Or better yet, try asking in person.  :-)

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