All Time Favorite Author

Joan Didion. I earned my living as a writer for many years and Joan Didion is my personal idol as a writer. If I could ever write as she does, I will have arrived. It's that simple.

The White Album was amazing and I was deeply moved by After Henry. She just recently released her first novel in 12 years and I can't wait to read it but I'm also not letting myself read that yet. I'm saving it to savor over a special vacation if I can wait that long.

If you would like to see a taste of her style, I have excerpted two short passages--the first is an essay from The New York Times Magazine adapted from a speech she gave in the mid-70's entitled, "Why I Write." The second is the passage from The White Album that got me addicted to Joan Didion.

My second favorite author of all time is Rebecca Meluch. Her Wind Child and Wind Dancers caught my attention years ago but most recently I have really enjoyed Chicago Red. I'm currently trying to locate a copy of War Birds which is the one piece by her I've never read.

Favorite Books

Other than everything Joan Didion ever wrote, I also enjoyed the Dune series from Frank Herbert as well as others of his books, Julian May's Pliocene series, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, and, naturally, J. R. R. Tolkien. Meluch's JerusalemFire is excellent as is The Queen's Squadron.

Most Recently

The last book I read was Terry Goodkind’s Blood of the Fold.

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