I enjoy Szechuan, Indian, and Italian cuisines the best although sushi and Mexican foods are a close second. I'm not a picky eater at all. This morning I am picturing Chinese shui jiao (steamed dumplings), Japanese maguro sashimi, and maybe some nice cheese blintzes. I don't want them all for breakfast (well, maybe the blintzes) but those are favorite foods coming to mind. I'm also partial to pizza (although you get enough of it in this industry), fine salads, and great bread. I don't have a problem eating meat and I don't keep kosher, but I don't miss meat if it doesn't appear at a meal.I'm not a big fan of anchovies and only tolerate olives. I do have a problem eating some dairy though: I canít digest milk, cream, cream cheese, sour cream or whipped cream. That means no ice cream, lattes, etc.


I love a great cabernet sauvignon or merlot. I'm not as big a fan of white wines and will usually only sip one glass. I'm partial to a fine glass of port as well, especially late at night. I have been known to enjoy a glass with a cigar, if the occasional calls for it.When I go out drinking with my friends I usually enjoy beer but if it's been a rough day and I trust the bartender, I will ask for a nice vodka martini with a twist. I'm convinced I will never be able to make a decent martini myself but I enjoy them when someone else can make them well. If the weather is cool, I may ask for a nice single malt scotch. I enjoy coffee and tea, but I try to stick to decaffeinated versions wherever possible these days.

Most Recently

For this latest installment of the adventures of Barb, Jackie & Rick we planned another overnighter as part of our dinner experience. For the first time ever, we picked my neighborhood. They camed to Redwood City for what passes here for fine dining but also for the alcohol and impromptu fun of a lark in Suburbia. Another first for our group was the inclusion of the always fabulous Scott Walker.

We went to a restaurant in downtown Redwood City simply called 2030. I had their version of a paella as did Jackie. Barb had an oven-roasted chicken and Scott had the grilled salmon. We split a bottle of cabernet (with a couple of scotch and martini chasers) and a dessert sampler plate before moving next door to Shouts Bar for after dinner drinks. At Shouts we enjoyed a couple of rounds of drinks and a couple of rounds of shots, flirted with the men, played songs on the juke box, and thought about where we wanted to go dancing.

The verdict on dancing was to go to Foster City to this Holiday Inn with a purported night club in one of their lounges. Sure enough, we found the place although it took some convincing to get Jackie to go in. (She thought the clientele milling around outside were a bit unsavory.) But once inside, the nostalgic 70ís and 80ís hits got us dancing and we enjoyed period drinks during a short breakóin this case, Fuzzy Navels. At 1am, Jackie and Rick went back to Rickís place while Scott and Barb went to work off more of dinner at Palo Altoís The Edge. No one got hurt in that experience and both made it back at a reasonable hour. All four of us crashed at my place and woke up to mild hangovers. Scottís wife Monica called from Michigan to wake us up followed immediately by a call from my Mom who was amused to find me in bed with two women but disappointed that I didnít drop everything to go over and go shopping with her. Instead, Scott made us some gourmet apple pancakes, followed an hour later by a burger run as we got ready to go to what we always call ďa hangover movie.Ē We enjoyed a matinee showing of Kissing A Fool while recovering from our hangovers and then pronounced the dinner over.

Nothing to risque this time. No nudity. No broken hearts. No arrests. Relatively tame. Stay tuned for next time.

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