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Yes, I play Magic. I havenít had a game in a couple of months and Iíve decided to sell part of my collection and use the money towards the down payment on my new car. Yes, itís a valuable collection.

If you don't know what it is, it's a collectible card game. Picture baseball cards as if they were designed to be used to play a game as well as be collectible. Also, they don't look like baseball cardsómore like tarot cards. Very addictive.

I'm not a tournament class player although I've played in several tournaments. I'm partial to blue magic but I will play anything. I tend to play Type I still which makes me increasingly unusual but I like the old cards.At some point I will put a recipe for one of my favorite decks up here so folks can check it out. I've had several satisfying deck designs over the years. My most recent favorite deck was a Blue-Black-Red Swampwalker deck featuring several interesting Legends creatures combined with Evil Presence. It's slow, so I prop it up with Type I cards like Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, Wheel of Fortune, etc.

I used to play at lunch at 3DO. There were many weeks where we played ďEmperor rulesĒ every day at lunchtime. I also used to go join a group of players on Saturday nights at Stanford but I haven't been to that recently either. I'm sort of hanging on to my cards hoping that at some point I will get mixed up with more Magic players. In the meantime, itís been months since I played and my decks are out-of-date now.

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