Car Modifications
Before I changed the tail lights

I had installed the new A4 30-valve Supercharger kit by Performance Engineering Systems. Wow. Very torquey. You could easily scare yourself at first until you got used to it. 295 Base horsepower, 260 foot-pounds of torque from a constant 5.5 lbs of boost and it’s always available. Yes, gas mileage dropped from 22.5 mpg to about 18 mpg. You can’t tell by looking at the car though and you can’t hear it on the freeway so it’s still pretty much a “stealth” upgrade. The updated “version 2” of the kit made very little noise.

Shown above are the Ronal “SL” allow wheels in 17” size with the chrome option. They are made in Germany and actually Ronal is the OEM manufacturer of the factory tires on 1998 & 1999 Audi models. Click on the image above to get a closer view of the wheels.

The tires are Pirelli P7000 Supersports in P225/45ZR17. They are good, all season tires and the only Z-Rated tires on the market rated for 50,000 miles.

After about 66,000 miles, the engine blew up one day on the freeway. I blew the ring in my first cyclinder and had to replace the entire engine. I located a brand new 6-cylinder German spec A4 engine and shipped it over and had it installed. I’m not at 110,000 miles with the car.

UPDATE: I’ve ordered a replacement for the Audi. This time I ordered a MINI Cabrio. It should arrive in November. Can’t wait.

Full list of Modifications:

  • Performance Engineering Systems’ SuperCharger Kit—Version 2.0
  • Brullen Performance Exhaust System
  • Lltek ugraded door sills
  • Lltek black mesh front grille
  • Momo brushed aluminum pedal kit
  • Smoked tail light assemblies (not yet shown to left)
  • Clear front corner turn signals
  • Smoked side markers
  • Custom A4.Org engraved chrome license plate frame
  • Chromed 17" Ronal alloy wheels
  • Pirelli P7000 Supersport performance tires
  • Cross-drilled Rotors
  • Mintex racing brake pads
  • Steel-braided brake lines and Super Blue high temperature brake fluid

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