National Auto Sport Association
Sanctioned Autocross Competition
Marina Airfield, Marina, California
Sunday, August 23, 1998

I had a great time on my first time out. The Northern California A4 Owners Club decided to participate in the event and we sent a dozen cars to join over 100 other cars at this race. Most of our group had never attended or competed in an autocross before.At the starting grid

    Here is Rick “gridded up” with his run group, ready to take his second turn on the track. You can just make out my white racing helmet and the number 335 on my back windows. Best time: 82 seconds or about average for a 4-door car.


The track was a very long and fast course and included a slalom of at least 10 pylons and some tricky off-camber turns where a dozen cars spun out. In four runs, I only touched one pylon. No, I didn’t damage my car nor did anyone else damage theirs.

One tradition in NASA sponsored events is that everyone who races, also helps work the track. I was a course worker in a back section with a red flag and a walkie-talkie helping replace knocked pylons or stop the cars when safety intervention was necessary. It was great fun.

    As usual, NorCal Club members mostly parked in one line at the event. Everyone noticed the collection of bright, new Audi A4s and commented how beautiful they were. I think parking off as a group made us seem less approachable, however.

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