I have had the pleasure of visiting the following countries so far in my life (from East to West): Japan, China, India, Pakistan, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. For my next International trip, I'm going to Lake Tegernsee, just south of Munich but Iím already thinking about going back to Munich this October to really enjoy Oktoberfest.

Entertaining Guests

Martha Stewart I am not, but I enjoy having folks over to the house. A recent menu included a butter lettuce salad with cabernet vinegar and crumbled bleu cheese, tortellini with a tomato basil sauce, grilled filet mignon, Italian peasant bread, and a strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. It went very well and I couldn't have asked for better evening. I know the detail level is probably higher than you wanted to know but then my mother might be reading this and she would want to know.


My favorite place is still the amazing redwood grove at Muir Woods in Marin County. I have also found some fun places in the East Bay like the area called "Little Yosemite" by Sunol but Muir Woods wins. I'm the kind who prefers a small group and bringing a picnic lunchónot a serious hiker type. My most recent hike was just this morning in Yosemite National ParkóI hiked out to Yosemite Falls and then over to Mirror Lake, or as close as we could get with a bridge out from this winterís flooding. The waterfalls were beautiful and full with melting snow but the weather was warm and flawless. The Pacific Dogwoods were just beginning to bloom and our timing could hardly have been better.


If you arenít familiar with this, it means driving your car as fast as you can on a special track set up with pylons (aka cones). Typically there are turns, straight sections, and slalom sections (where you weave in and out of pylons). This is a one-at-a-time style of racing where times are compared after each racer (like Olympic downhill skiing.) Pylons disturbed result in time penalties added to your clock time.

Iím not great at it but I enjoy it. An analogy would be trying video games for the first time at age 35óyou may enjoy them but you wonít be very good at it. I similarly enjoyed my first experience with it and I hope to do more. Any excuse to drive my Audi A4 fast is going to be welcome but Iíd enjoy older cars as well. My old BMW or a friendís Miata would be just as fun. Click here to see a page about one of my Autocross experiences.


Yes, I can dance. I was better when I was younger, but I can still hold my own. Unfortunately, I only do it about once or twice a year.

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