Paper Ships Astrological Perspectives

Paper Ships Astrological PerspectivesThe Center of the Universe is Everywhere

Reoccurring questions on the nature of reality and our part in it

Is modern living, with its hyper rush, multiple distractions and daily stress leading us headlong over the cliff of personal and collective destruction?

Is there someone behind the scenes manipulating us towards this precipice?

Has the world really gone beyond saving, and cannot we as "just one person" turn things around toward a more sane future?

Does life have meaning beyond having enough money, paying monthly bills and distracting ourselves with short term entertainments?

Are we prepared for the eventual Earthquake, flood, hurricane or other natural disaster?  And the disruption of power, communications, distribution of water & food, and a domino effect on all commerce?

Do we realize the very real effect of our attitudes and beliefs, on our experience and our reality?   Do we understand the process of manifestation and our part in creating "what is" by the focus of our thoughts and desires?

Are we ready to change a reactive negativity into choosing instead a positive conscious replacing of problems with solutions?   

Are we willing to wake up and take back our power?   Not allowing the poisoning of our foods and our planet by those motivated by greed, power, control and destruction?

Are we willing to live life with Joy and Love instead of Fear and Stress?  

Are we willing to govern ourselves with responsibility and enlightenment, and to take back control of our own lives?  

   Blessings to all as we awaken to our true nature

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