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Paper Ships Astrological PerspectivesThe Center of the Universe is Everywhere

The New Millennium and the state of our Awakening

We have been taught and conditioned in our society and our world, to see ourselves as being separate.   The United States, with its championship of the individual and our rights as individuals to self determination and the pursuit of happiness, leads the way in teaching us that we are separate beings with the freedom to compete for a lifestyle filled with opportunities for indulgence and gratification.   We are taught that we are free to pursue our dreams, yet we are shown in so many ways that our dream should be to have things, to indulge in self gratification through food, alcohol, drugs & entertainment.   We are taught that we must live beyond our means through the use of credit to maintain and carry a load of debt that wears us out eventually and traps us in a monthly and daily cycle of making money to pay the bills, so we can go on taking on more debt, all at the expense of our own future wealth and well being.   We have been tricked into thinking that it is normal to sit in our automobiles with the engine running, in stop and go traffic, talking on the cell phone, or that we must have the latest home entertainment toys, computers, automobiles and clothing styles.   We have been tricked into believing that we are separate beings who must compete in a world not only filled with these opportunities and technologies, but also filled with violence lurking in the shadows of our society, in those that would steal our things, abuse our children and terrorize our sense of safety and well being.   We are taught that there are threats "out there" in the form of criminals, terrorists, environmental toxins, viruses and terminal diseases, and that we must "insure" ourselves against these with the insurance industry, more police, "surgical" military strikes, and reliance on the chemical/pharmaceutical industry.   We have been taught that we are, through our technology and modern capabilities, better off than we ever were before in history.   Yet we sit in front of our TVs, eating dead food, watching "reporting" of the sickness of our society, allowing ourselves to be distracted from taking charge of our lives.   All of this results from the assumption that we are separate, that the real world is "out there" and that life is somehow an accident of materiality.   An evolution that eventually leads to death and oblivion within a universe that eventually will run down and die due to the action of a pervasive entropic process.

But we have started to wake up.   We are starting to realize that our awareness, attitudes and beliefs lead directly to our experience of reality.   We are part of the ongoing creative process, where our experience reflects our consciousness.    The happenings around us are directly linked to the state of our beings and the clarity of our consciousness.   We are living holograms containing and manifesting our relationship with the whole.   If we see ourselves as separate, we become separate and ultimately victims of the very dangerous real world.   But as we start to realize that we are not separate, then we begin to understand that we are responsible for our part in creating this reality.  We become empowered and enthused with the opportunities to direct our lives and the manifestations around us.   As we practice, more and more, this creative involvement, we become better at what we produce.   We begin to see how we have created the crazy society around us, by giving up our power to dependency on a false vision of life.   We see how we have chosen to give up responsibility for our own health and well being to people and processes that provide us with short term comfort and empty satisfactions.   But instead, we are now awakening to our own power to choose a way of life that integrates us together in a more healthy and whole way of living.   We choose foods with fewer added chemicals and with greater life energy, so as to increase our own vitality.   We choose to breathe consciously, aware that we can attract life energy, prana and chi into our bodies and spirits, and in so doing become more able to flow with the life energy in everything and more able to function with a greater consciousness.   We are discovering that we are creative beings, and that we have a direct connection to the creative energies of the Universe.   We are beginning to realize that we can activate this creative energy by allowing ourselves to believe in it and believe in ourselves and our intuitions.   We are discovering our inherent power of conscious intention.   That we can head ourselves in any direction we want, just by visualizing the results we want and need, and allowing ourselves to believe in their manifestation and act accordingly.   We can open ourselves to the creative energy of the universe and the creator, and direct this energy toward positive manifestations to uplift ourselves and others at the same time.   We are beginning to awaken to an understanding of the way out of the trap we have built for ourselves.   The price we pay for this living solution is a responsibility to stay awake, to be alert to every tendency to fall back into the old patterns of negative thinking and indulgence and belief in negative emotions.   When we are tempted again to believe these negative images, we need to replace them with images of health and the power of our inherent vitality.   We need to recharge ourselves with the life energy that comes from inside everything, from the energy of unity within all.  With this energy we freshen our spirits, our vitality and our consciousness and we are able to send out this energy ahead of us to uplift others and uplift the forms and structures in our lives.   We are responsible for this choice.   The more we practice it, the better we get at it.   The more we uplift our own energy, the more we are able to uplift the energy of others.  And in so doing, we head our lives toward an incredible future for ourselves, our societies and our planetary civilization.

Blessings to all as we awaken to our true nature

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