Eclipse Report

I have spent many years watching myself and others during eclipse months, and I have seen again and again certain basic experiences enhanced at these times.  Eclipses usually happen in pairs; a Full Moon Eclipse and a New Moon Eclipse.  The eclipse energy seems to be felt most acutely during the period two weeks before the first eclipse until two weeks after the second eclipse, with the strongest effect experienced during the two weeks between the two eclipses.

Life becomes more highly charged during eclipse times.  There is often a See-Saw effect where something important or impending is going to happen or needs to happen, yet setbacks, delays, changes of plans and highly charged uncertainty come into play to cause them to not happen.  First it's going to happen, then it's not.  Then it is again, and then it's not.  And finally it really isn't happening and you adjust to that, and then it happens anyway!

Something in our experience becomes eclipsed and we go through extreme reactions and dramas, and then it's reborn again.  Decisions are difficult to make because things are in such a state of flux.

It is important at these times to realize that it is a natural time of intensity and flux.  We need to ground ourselves and believe in our purpose and goals.  Things will work out if we trust the process and stay filled with our higher purpose.  We just have to ride out the turbulence the best we can.

People who have planets at or near, or opposite the eclipse position will be most strongly effected.  Especially those whose Sun, Moon or Ascendant the eclipse conjuncts or opposes.  Those with eclipses square their planets are also challenged.  As a matter of fact, those of us the eclipse points don't directly touch, still are dealing with others around us who are manifesting the eclipse personally.  The whole environment is charged.  People know that many people are going through alot of stuff right now.  We can easily be in a state of raw emotion and are involved in very important concerns right now.  The masks that we tend to hide behind may not shield us as much as they usually seem to.

- - - Take a Deep Breath!  Center Ourselves with the Intention of being a part of what Works and What is Real and Caring.  Most of us will live through this and have the opportunity to improve ourselves and the World in the process.


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