A meditation on Cassandra, inspired by the poems of C. P. Cavafy

The Flavor of Nectarines


Welcome to the Village

Depopulated Visions

Why does the Buddha smile?

Mandala Jesus


Put it on plastic, then flush your mind

Li Po shows Tu Fu how to make war

Before the Flood

A voice crying in the wilderness

My Pledge of Allegiance

Pangaea Resurgent


Arriving at Work

Leaving Work

Mazurka Beans

Letter to a Forgotten Lover

Poet Blood

Variation of Parameters

Why America Will Fall

Republican Campaign Address

Boundary Limit

A lesson - half understood - in poetics

Lord Krishna, disguised as Apollo, dismisses my writing

Footprints in the River, Handprints on the Sky

The Weight of Light

Butterfly Cove

Early September


La Donna

Loving Acceptance

The Touch of the Open

You Can Marry a Poet, But You Cannot Possess Her

Love for a Mother

Young Love

Hardboiled Half Dozen


The Sound of Light Falling

Job Application

An Expired Doctorate

How I Know


Rain in the Forest

Time's Whisper

Moments Out of Time

Eyes Shining

In the Arms of a Passionate Lover, Surrender

I Will Tax You

The Stray Thoughts of an Unknown Citizen

We Ignore All Immolations


Performance Evaluation

Ignorance Is Strength

Zombie Nation


A Seed Like Mustard

Mister Rogers

Moetette #1

A Love Supreme

The Impulse to Art

From the Hand of Saint Francis

Light of the Body

Drinking Together

Here's Mud in Your Eye

A Day with Ella

Watching the Light

Empty and Marvelous

Father of the Bride

An American Prayer


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