Confidential Ultra Sensitive


From: Networking Knowledge Valuing Diversity Executive Committee

Subject: Executive Summary: Operation Clean Sweep

Date: April 1, 1995

All three elements of Operation Clean Sweep are now in place:

1) schedule for HRMI Phase 1: Rotation of Workforce (ROW -"A")

2) neutralization of SPSE Central Committee ("deunionization")

3) schedule for HRMI Phase 2: Workforce Finalization (ROW-"B").

The final Cost Reduction Utilization Directives from DOE and UC have been coordinated and our quota of savings contributions to these efforts is achieved by the targets and milestones of Operation Clean Sweep. The complete schedule of milestones and fiscal targets appears in "Business Utilization Milestone Plan, Volume 1."

Because workforce passivity is an essential element to an efficient execution of this operation, the NKVD Executive Committee itself took on the role of ensuring this conditioning. All goals were achieved, and the future for "Laboratory 2000" is now secure. A brief summary is in order.

An early release of the HRWG planning document was arranged so that malcontent, unionist, and leadership elements of the 200 series workforce would self-identify and coalesce as the SPSE Central Committee (SPSECC). Their organizational activity over the course of several months helped educate the workforce as to its dependence on management for secure employment, and helped foster an attitude of resigned compliance in the majority of employees.

After several confidential meetings with SPSECC, our HRMI negotiators were able to prevail on them by playing on their personal insecurities, and on their growing isolation as individuals from the body of 200 series employees who are anti-stridency, anti-union, anti-collective, and anti-activist. We secured an agreement to exempt each of the SPSECC members (24) from any workforce adjustments in the future and to "undisplace" them into FTE positions, in exchange for lackluster performance in their unionization drive. This agreement has proven to be very effective because they are so trusting. To date their performance has been better than we anticipated (i.e. exhiliratingly flaccid).

By FY96 deunionization and workforce passivity should be in an ideal state for implementation of HRMI Phase 1: Rotation of Workforce. If this can be accomplished earlier in the year there will be greater funds available for management raises. HRMI Phase 2: Workforce Finalization is scheduled eighteen months later. At this time all SPSECC individuals will be disemployed. This should be a trivial operation since they will have no base of support or personal resources to counter our operational necessities.

By FY98 we anticipate reaching our goal of a 2000 management FTE Laboratory with a completely outplaced flex-term positive-attitude workforce with a cost factor per person of 0.257 the present Laboratory-average FTE. This "Laboratory 2000" will ensure that the benefits from the nation will continue to enrich our lives for years to come.