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27 July 2010

Commentaries on Politics and Current Events                              [En Español, bajo 2003]


Dear Democrats, [About] 2012,, 27 July,, 27 July

Emergency War Supplemental Explained,, 28 June

Decoding The Language Of Social Control,, 12 March,, 11 March

Corporate Personhood and Political Free Speech,, 22 January,, 22 January

Assassinating The Iranian H-Bomb?,, 18 January


Palestine's Gift Of Christmas,, 22 December

The Purpose Is Pork,, 13 November

The Assassination Bureau,, 15 July

The New Crisis In Aviation (Clouds, Computers and Composites) [AF447],, 1 July,

[see comments #4, #5, #6, #7 in the following], 3-5 July,

What Happened To Air France Flight 447?,, 3 June,, 3 June,   ["local time" should be "GMT"]

Fearful Pride (North Korea's Second Nuclear Test),, 26 May,, 27 May

Nuclear Or Solar Energy?,, 19 May,   ["southeast of Hawaii" should be "southwest of Hawaii"]

To Power A Nation (Nuclear Bombs Or Sunshine?),, 6 May

Homework, Testing and Stealth Apartheid in Education,, 24 April

The MG Recovery Plan,, 17 April

Iran's Uranium,, 11 March

Darwin's Living Legacy,, 6 February

Burning The First Amendment,, 30 January,, 30 January

To Students Planning Careers: Be Mindful,, 7 January,, 7 January


The War Against Palestine (Exception From Humanity),, 29 December

Nuclear Weapons Obsolescence,, 10 December,, 11 December

Management Insurance And Carlin's Challenge,, 21 November

Renew The Social Contract,, 18 November

What Real Change Should Bring (Brief Thoughts On Obama's Election),, 5 November

Science And The 2008 Presidential Election,, 3 October

Time For A General Strike?,, 30 September

Visions Of Pinpoint Control: The Romance Of Laser Weapons,, 26 September

The Large Hadron Collider Powers Up,, 13 September

The Energy Of A Hurricane,, 5 September

Will A Russo-American Nuclear War Happen (Soon)?,, 1 September

The Big Heat (Thermal Expansion Downs WTC 7),, 22 August

A Laser Weapon Of Plausible Deniability?,, 18 August

On Voting (A Ritual of Justifying Biases),, 8 August

Oiling The War Machine,, 11 July

How To Stretch Gasoline,, 13 June

Don't Get Burned!,, 2 June

Running Mates From The Imaginary Plane,, 6 May

The Speech That Might Have Been,, 1 May

Obama and the Psychic Auto-Shrink-Wrapping Called Race in America,, 20 March

Paying No Attention to the Presidential Campaigns,, 11 January


Epiphany On The Glacier,, 21 November

Homes of the Crash-Test Dummies,, 25 October

Forgetting 9/11,, 12 September

9/11 Emergency! Calling Robert Fisk!,, 27 August

President Cindy!,, 16 August

A Bridge Truth Movement?,, 4 August

Property Is Racism,, 16 July

Climate and Carbon, Consensus and Contention,, 4 June

Fire Collapses Oakland Freeway,, 30 Apr.

The Heart of Whiteness,, 21 Apr.

China's New Chip in Space War Poker,, 22 Jan.


Executing Saddam, Protecting the Rackets,, , 30 Dec.

CounterPunch Special Report, Debunking the Myths of 9/11,, Alexander Cockburn, JoAnn Wypijewski, Manuel Garcia, Jr.; includes the 3 reports below this

The Physics of 9/11,, 29 Nov.

The Thermodynamics of 9/11,, 29 Nov.

Dark Fire (The Fall of WTC 7),, 29 Nov.

The Roots of Corruption (Election 2006),, 9 Nov.

North Korea's Nuclear Test: a Q & A,, 19 Oct.

Nuclear Test, Political Flare (North Korea),, 17 Oct.

(Blacks, Latinos and) Immigrant Bashing For Colonial Control, , , ("Daniel Boone" should be "Davey Crockett") 6 June

Torture Works ("God's Torturers: From Torquemada To Opus Dei"),, 28 Mar.

To An Egyptian Friend, On The Cartoons,, 9 Feb.

CounterPunch and DissidentVoice, 2005

2005: The Year of Consequences,, 17 Dec.

On Freeing the CPT Hostages in Iraq,, 03 Dec.
readers' responses, and follow-up

Selective De-Occupation: The Next Political Task?,, 03 Dec.
readers' responses, and follow-up

Iraq: To End The Occupation, End The Civil War,, 08 Nov.

Is The US Really Against Torture?,, 28 Oct.

Disasters Are Us,,, 22 Oct.

Industrialized Greed Produces Pandemics,, 11 Oct.

Fuel Conservation And Sustainable Mobility,, 23 Sept.

Thinking Is Religious Freedom,, 22 Sept.

The Power Of Water,, 14 Sept.
readers' responses, and follow-up

De-Eichmannizing America,, 18 June

Writing Tickets For American War Crimes,, 18 May

The Question Of American Guilt,, 12 Mar.

Who Killed Rafik Hariri?,, 19 Feb.

The Eight Percent War,, 11 Feb.

Swans, 2005

The Pledge Of Solidarity,, 31 Jan.

God And Country,, 17 Jan.

Twenty News Stories To Appear In 2005,, 03 Jan.

Swans, 2004

2004: The Year Of Disillusion,, 13 Dec.

Newtonian America,, 29 Nov.

Dear Democrats,, 15 Nov.

Putting The Elephant Out,, 01 Nov.

Report From An Outpost,, 04 Oct.

What Your Vote Means,, 20 Sept.

Pericles’ Funeral Oration for The 911 Dead,, 06 Sept.

Outline For Revolution,, 16 Aug.

The Imprisoned American Mind ,, 02 Aug.

Thirsty Invaders, Chasing Heat,, 19 Jul.

Swiftian Overload,, 05 Jul.

McCain Versus Kerry?,, 21 Jun.

What Does It Mean To Be American?,, 07 Jun.

American Gulag, And A Dogfight Of Psychoses,, 24 May

The Palestinians Versus The SUV,, 10 May

Which Holocaust Matters?,, 12 Apr.

Election 2016: The Issues,, 29 Mar.

Oil, Population And Global Warming,, 15 Mar.

How Will The Iraq War Affect Americans?,, 02 Feb., Swan's Special Issue on the Iraq War

Why Howard Dean Will Win In 2004,, 19 Jan.

Effects Of Iraq War On American Citizens,, 05 Jan.

Swans, 2003

Hermit Crabs and Maitre d’s: Arrogance in Physics,, 01 Dec.

A Chinese-American Muslim Under Detention (poem),, 03 Nov.

Guantánamo USA,, 03 Nov.

Waking the Dead, Redeeming the Living (poem),, 20 Oct.

What the US Wants From China,, 06 Oct.

Letter to Senator Feinstein, on Nuclear Weapons,, 22 Sept.

America's Nuclear Weapons Labs, The Reality Beneath The Headlines,, 07 Jul.

En Español                                                                                                             [Traducido del inglés por Germán Leyens]

Consume, adáptate, obedece,, 2010

El club de asesinos,, 2009

El segundo ensayo nuclear de Corea del Norte,, 2009

Sobre poder atómico, cambio climático, energías limpias y formas de organización ciudadanas,, 19 Mayo 2009,    [entrevista por Germán Leyens y Salvador López Arnal], ["al sudeste de Hawái" debe ser "al sudoeste de Hawái"]

¿Bombas nucleares o luz solar?,, 2009

El uranio de Irán,, 2009

Soplete de largo alcance,, 2008

Como protegerte del Cañón del Dolor de Raytheon,, 2008

Obama y como utilizar la raza para encoger mentes,, 2008

Sin prestar atención a las campañas presidenciales,, 2008

¿El movimiento de verdad de un puente?,, 2007

La propiedad es racismo,, 2007

Clima y carbono, consenso y contención,, 2007

El corazón de la blanquitud,, 2007

La nueva carta china en el póker de la guerra espacial,, 2007

Ejecutar a Sadam, proteger a los hampones,, 2006

Fuego negro (WTC 7) [Parte 3],, 2006

La termodinámica del 11-S [Parte 2],, 2006

La física del 11-S (Conspiraciones que no existen) [Parte 1],, 2006

Las raices de la corrupción,, 2006

Ensayo nuclear, llamarada política,, 2006

Other Sites, Other Angles

Links: Cindy Sheehan and the Iraq War, and "Thieves Lie",, August 2005

MG, Jr. as poet at "Wordbeat",

Reflections on the 61st Birthday of Wen Ho Lee, 21 Dec. 2000

Scientists' & Engineers' Union, SPSE Newsletters, 1995-2002

The Wen Ho Lee Case and its Aftermath,, 25 Mar. 2002

A Past President Reflects On The Survey,, Nov. 2000

Professor L. Ling-chi Wang speaks @ LLNL,, 27 April 2000

Show The Data,, April 2000

Letter Writing Campaign Against Polygraphy,, 29 Sept. 1999

Statement to DOE on polygraphy at LLNL,, 14 Sept. 1999

The President's Corner,, Nov. 1997

The President's Corner,, Oct. 1997

A Mode$t Propo$al,, April 1997

I Work For The Union,, April 1996

Face Your Fears,, June 1995

Confidential Ultra Sensitive , 1995

Physics Reports, 1979-2000 (pdf files)

Limiting the Accidental Pressure Drop in NIF Beam Tubes,, 6 Nov. 2000

Electrostatic field between non-concentric cylinders,, 10 Jan. 2000

Thermal electric and magnetic fields at the surface of an electron beam target,, 9 June 1999

Self-effect in expanding electron beam plasma,, 7 May 1999

Controlling the expansion of laser-fusion plasma to minimize impact damage,, 18 Mar. 1999

A conceptual design for an electron beam,, 15 Feb. 1999

Creating metallic under-dense radiators by electron beam heating prior to laser impact,, 15 Dec. 1998

Electron beam expansion by target heating,, 2 July 1998

On electromagnetic acceleration of material from a plate hit by a pulsed electron beam,, 16 April 1998

Frozen plasma within the flow from a metal plate hit by an electron beam pulse,, 12 Nov. 1997

Splash flow from a metal plate hit by an electron beam pulse,, 4 Sept. 1997

A model for designing planar magnetron cathodes,, 30 May 1997

Comparing a 2D fluid model of the DC planar magnetron cathode to experiments,, 15 May 1996

A 2D fluid model of the DC planar magnetron cathode,, 15 Nov. 1995

Radical oxidation automotive de-NOx,, 21 Aug. 1995

OH generation in steam-air pulsed corona,, 21 Aug. 1995

Molecular gas electron distribution function with space and time variation,, May 1995

Electric vortex in MHD flow,, 1 May 1995

An analytical electron distribution function for inelastic collisions in a uniform gas with time varying electric field,, July 1994

Analytical Boltzmann moments for electrons in N2-O2-H2O gas mixtures,, April 1994

A high bandwidth gamma monochromator,, 27 May 1992

Measurement of proton autoneutralization potential,, Sept. 1984

A review of intense ion beam propagation with a view toward measuring ion energy,, 25 Aug. 1982

Spatial distribution of plasma in a transverse-discharge supersonic nitrogen stream,, 7 June 1979

Energy For Human Development

Linking kWh/capita to the Human Development Index , 28 April 2006

The Physics of Nature

Tsunami Numbers, 30 December 2004

The Energy of the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, 15 December 2005


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