Offender Lookup

Below are all available U.S. inmate search pages available as of 1 November 2007.  VINElink is a third-party database that includes basic data for many states that are not yet online, plus certain local jurisdictions.  Note that “Offender ID” searches on VINElink can be problematic:  For example, if you’re looking for a Wisconsin inmate, VINElink won’t tell you that it is expecting an 8-digit number.  So if you are looking for inmate number 456321, it won’t find him, and it won’t point out that if you had asked for inmate number 00456321 you would have gotten results.

The camera icon denotes searches that display the inmate’s photograph.

Federal Kansas camera New York
VINElink Kentucky camera North Carolina camera
Alabama Maryland Ohio camera
Arizona Michigan camera Oklahoma camera
Arkansas camera Minnesota camera Pennsylvania
Colorado camera Mississippi camera South Carolina camera
Connecticut Missouri Tennessee
Florida camera Montana camera Texas
Georgia camera Nebraska camera Vermont
Idaho Nevada Virginia
Illinois camera New Hampshire Washington
Indiana New Jersey camera West Virginia
Iowa New Mexico camera

DOC Pages—No Online Search

The links below go to the main DOC page, or to the page that tells you how to get information on a particular inmate.

Alaska Maine South Dakota
California Massachusetts Utah
Delaware North Dakota Wisconsin
Hawai‘i Oregon Wyoming
Louisiana Rhode Island