How to Contact Me

I welcome all friendly contacts.  You are even welcome to disagree with me as long as you are civil about it. 

I am always happy to hear about broken links to other sites, but before you write about a broken navigation bar button or a bug in my HTML, be sure you’ve read the Disclaimer

On the Net


By Letter

Charles E. Galvin Jr.
Post Office Box 2638
San Francisco, California  94126-2638

By Telephone

Please telephone only between 0700 and 2100 (7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.) PDT (UTC-7).

You may reach me via Google Voice by clicking the icon and entering your name and telephone number (which may be kept private from me, although I may not answer if you so choose):

Or you can reach me at the following number:

+1 (415) 701-9665

If you reach an answering machine, please leave a message, including your country code (if outside North America), area (regional) code and telephone number, and tell me the best time to call you back.  If you cannot give a number where you can be reached, please at least let me know you are trying to reach me, and say when you will try again.

I have Caller id service and Anonymous Call Rejection.  If display of your telephone number is blocked, you will hear this recording:

The party you called does not accept calls from blocked numbers.  To reveal your number on this call, hang up, pick up the receiver, dial *82, then the number.  Or 1182 from rotary phones.  To prevent the display of your number, use a pay phone.  Or for a charge, call the operator.

If you call from a public telephone, with the assistance of an operator, or from an area where your telephone number cannot be transmitted when you call, your call will go through, but it will be labeled as “Anonymous” and I may not answer the telephone if I am not expecting a call.  In this case, it is very important that you leave a message so that I will know to answer the anonymous call when you call again later. 

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