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See the long descriptions page for copyright information and credit for graphics.


I do not use many graphics on my pages, nor do I use frames or software-specific extensions.  I have nothing against art, but the purpose of this site is to provide information as quickly and easily as possible—as easily for someone using a text-only browser like Lynx as for someone using the very latest thing.  To that end, I use only official HTML (HTML 4.01 as of this revision), and Unicode character encoding (UTF-8). 

Some people can see in color.  Some who can see cannot distinguish colors.  Some cannot see at all.  And then there are those who happen to be Deaf.  You say your site is all about art or music?  Provide verbal descriptions of your content by using the alt or longdesc attributes. 

I believe good design requires a diligent effort to make content accessible to all.  Somewhere out there is a brilliant young Helen Keller who is surfing the Web with a Braille display device.  Shouldn’t she be able to access your site?  Shouldn’t she be able to buy things from your site?

Your comments on the content and design of my pages are welcome, especially if there is anything I could do to make the pages easier to read or navigate.  But see the Disclaimer below before you write. 


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