The Empire of the Overmind

The Empire of the Overmind is not a thanatocracy, despite the rumors. It is a benevolent (or banal, depending on your point of view) stable autocratic government, controlling a sizeable area in Nexus. (While calling itself an Empire, is is not particularly larger than many other polities. It is known to use metapsychological techniques and an army of zombie soldiers equipped to TL7 standards. While not free, the government is not overly restrictive of speech, permits a mildly taxed free market economy, allows emigration (except of the terminally ill), and the population does not consider itself oppressed.

The levels of government encountered by the residents or visible to the outside world are human or human-equivalent. It is rumored that a significant fraction have some form of telepathy or mental coercion, although this is subtle, actual statistics are unknown, and may be mostly disinformation. It is known that telepaths are often used in the courts, and that the Empire is eager to employ more telepaths.

"One life for yourself, one life for the Overmind"

All citizens are expected to serve the Overmind after death, as elements of the armed forces. (The accepted term is "Postumous Conscription".) Cremation is strongly discouraged, and there are stong penalties levied on the heirs of anyone who has themselves cremated.

The soldiers of the army, riot police, swat teams, and hazardous response personnel are all zombies, the ressurected dead of the citizenry. The process by which this is done is strictly controlled, and conducted under heavy secrecy. Zombie troops can be easily recognized by their waxy features, ambient body temperature, lack of breathing, etc. While less able to react to unexpected circumstances than living humans, the zombies are not noticeably slower than the living, are somewhat stronger, and completely tireless. How they are trained is unknown, and may be an integral part of the creation process. Officers, and anyone in a command position is human. The zombies are capable of responding to verbal commands, but there are also rumors of mental control, possibly by the Overmind itself. The advanced biomedical technology of the Empire is considered to be a spin-off of the zombification process.

CORPS statistics:

Area:			7.4
Population:		8.6
Resources:		11.2
Standard of Living:	4.0
Human Rights:		4.0
Corruption:		0.0
Ideology:		Various Christian, Atheist, other
Government:		Dictatorship
Nuclear:		Suspected
Language:		?, Nexan
Entry Requirement:	Registration with authorities
40 years ago	The Judean War
55 years ago	The Empire is connected to Nexus
80 years ago	The Empire of the Overmind is founded