Caroline Campbell-Bannerman,

Special Executive to the Empire of the Overmind

Caroline Campbell-Bannerman is tallish, very fit, and built something like a bodybuilder between competitons, although on a somewhat slender frame. She has red hair, curly, usually about shoulder length, green eyes, and a pale complexion with a smattering of freckles. Despite this, she has been known to wear red and get away with it. She sometimes wears trousers, but most often a short skirt/suit and hose, usually with a long coat. She has a nice alto voice, and generally speaks with a clear and level tone.

(She is drawn something like Athena from Shirow's Appleseed.)

She usually carries a standard Empire-issue, 10mm Commando liquid propellant sidearm with a 14 round clip. She has been known to competently use a variety of knives in hand-to-hand. She is assumed to have access to most tactical weapons in the arsenal of the Empire. She often wears a long coat of iguanodon-hide leather. She is known to be as strong as she looks, rather tougher, bot h physically and mentally. She has been described by one telepath as having 'encrypted thoughts'.

She appears to be in her mid-to-late 30s, but is at least 108 years old. Her appearance andphysiology are due to the advanced bio-medical technology of the Empire of the Overmind, much of which has in recent years trickled down to the common population of the Empire, although the knowledge base is being carefully guarded.

Ms. Campbell-Bannerman is one of the (publically known) Triumvirate of Founders of the Revolution, along with her late husband, Nicholas Baxter, and the Overmind himself (known as Alexander McLeod in the flesh). She was instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Accord with the recently discovered suburb of Judea.

Ms. Campbell-Bannerman serves as something of a Minister without Portfolio, where she has no direct authority in the government, but a great deal of unofficial authority and personal reputation. She has in the past served in the Ministry of the Interior, principally as Head of Internal Security.

She has never displayed any mental powers. She seems entirely comfortable dealing with the zombies.

Besides an apartment in the Empire, she is known to have at least one outside it. She has been known to drive a number of government issued cars, none particularly flashy, and sometimes be chauffeured by an offical government driver. In Nexus she has been known to drive a racing-green Machetti Falcon sports car.

She is known to collect china, specifically teacups, and has a modest but fairly valuable collection, specializing in the unusual and unique. She seems to enjoy classical music, particularly string quartets.