Genni's Chat with the Ghost of Ada Lovelace

Since everyone in the world seems to equate Genni with Ada, Genni decided to go talk to the woman herself. Or at least, talk to her ghost.

Genni and Chryse stopped in England on their way home from Greece.

They took a tour of a house on the Lovelace estate, looking around for hiding places, and peering into the Umbra, which looks nicely crafted, with lots of clockwork devices.

After the tour, they return at night, sneaking in, and bringing along the dreses they wore for the Victorian Christmas. They sneak into the library, get dressed, and sit down and play whist.

Chryse misses everything else that happens there, and spends the rest of the evening being the dummy (no, I don't think there is a dummy in whist).

Genni plays whist with Chryse, the ghost of Ada Lovelace, and Athena, the avatar. They have a discussion about avatars, souls, and artificial intelligence. Can an AI generate a soul/avatar? Clearly, not everyone can have a past soul-there are too many people. Can a machine have a ghost? A building? Is this the same as the ghost of a person?

Genni has an enjoyable game, although Ada comes out ahead in the end. They leave some money hidden behind some books that have obviously not been touched in decades or more, and sneak off.

Unfortunately, this being an Arete Quest, Genni doesn't have as clear a recollection of the details of the conversation as she would have liked. The one bit she remembers is "The path can be more important than the goal".